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Defect Classification in Software Testing

Why Do Defects Occur and What Can We Do About Them? We all say that we must ‘learn from our mistakes’ but how can we do this? One way, in the realm of software development, is software defect categorization. For many dev teams, after days and weeks of working on a game-changing feature/update, just when you’re about to deploy to the product stage, you discover a huge defect in the software. As software testers, we want to find the defects, but for the organization, the most important thing is what caused the defects in the first place? To better understand [...]

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Watch Out For These Mistakes When Doing Performance Testing

What Are The Top 5 Sources of Software Performance Issues Software performance problems are difficult to find, understand and therefore fix because of today’s software complexity. Not only do we have to think about the software itself, but all of the other integrated components (hardware, software, database) and third party modules. In this blog, we discuss five common sources of software performance problems. As part of the discussion, we hope to convey some of our experience in finding and solving them as you learn some mistakes to avoid along the way. Code Efficiency How can we discover a code bottleneck? [...]

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Impact of GDPR on Software Testing

As software testers we may think that GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has nothing to do with us. However, the key word here is data. The problem is that to do our testing, we typically need data. You can’t do realistic end user acceptance testing without realistic data. Even before GDPR, getting good data for testing was a problem. Especially with complex business rules whereby a location may dictate that certain rules are enacted, or when a transaction changes different data fields as it is processed, or when data becomes valid, invalid, or expired dependent on different criteria or based [...]

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Healthcare User Acceptance Testing

A recent XBOSoft blog reader wrote in and asked about Healthcare User Acceptance Testing for a healthcare patient portal.   Simply stated, any user acceptance testing would comprise of testing from an end user point of view to determine if you “ACCEPT” the software or not. Usually, acceptance is done by or on behalf of an end user or end customer for whom you are developing software. Sometimes, a development organization may ask a small group of users who have deep domain knowledge to do acceptance testing as well. In any case, it should be done from the end user [...]

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