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How to Define Agile – Is There a Definition or Standard?

The software industry is still quite young, yet as it matures, we’ve seen many development trends, technologies and tools come and go. As you know, one methodology that has become popular of late is Agile. We all know it as an adjective, we all desire to be agile. Who wants to be slow and clumsy? Those that gathered and put together the Agile Manifesto certainly chose a good name for “it”, whatever “IT” is. That’s the subject of this article, the definition of Agile or what is Agile? Agile is capitalized from here on, because we all know we’re talking about the noun, as a development methodology, rather than the adjective.

The Seven Samurai of Outsourcing and Why They Make Sense

Why outsource anything be it a service or production? Why not keep every aspect of the business in house? Two hundred years ago, that approach probably made sense. Today, in the modern economy, globalization and technological advancements have made outsourcing a strategic imperative for all businesses. One question on every CEO’s, VP’s, or even a Managers plate with skin in the game “What need or challenge to our business can be better handled through outsourcing?”This blog addresses seven important reasons why outsourcing software QA & testing makes sense....  

Testing Accounting Software – IFRS Validation and Verification

This blog discusses some of the issues in testing accounting software and in particular when validating and verifying International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), set by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). In a nutshell, IFRS is concerned with the preparation of financial statements. While GAAP ensures ....  

June 17th, 2018
Software is Now the World (and Software QA is right behind)

Software is the great enabler of the “technology multiplier”. It’s what makes hardware smart and usable by people. Software is not only “eating the world”, it is becoming an unseen “force” behind much of what we see, do, and experience every day. We should all be thinking how to ‘software-ize’ our thinking....  

Agile Testing Principle #7: Think Long Term

As software engineers and testers, we are so deep into the “Agile” transformation movement, that we often forget that Agile is also an adjective. Habit #7 is understanding that you must always maintain a "long term view" on your goals and efforts to implement Agile effectively.  

XBO Thoughts on Software QA Standards and Certifications

There are several industry affiliations or certifications in the quality, software quality and software testing domains, but who the software QA certifications really for? Do they benefit you? or your client? the end user? ISO 9000 applies to product and process quality usually for manufacturing applications although some have applied them to software development. On the other hand, CMMI has specific certifications for software development processes as well as some service oriented processes. Most of the larger software companies do not comply with these certifications and they mostly exist for large government procurement or for software service providers to check a box as part of an RFP process.

Mobile Security Testing – Your Vulnerabilities Are On the Move

With the “Digital Transformation” gaining influence in our lives and making software even more prevalent as the driver of change, you can’t help but think of the mobile platform as the key enabler. With this in mind, it’s critical to understand the infrastructure that supports your mobile app and the components that may be exposed to vulnerabilities. And with this understanding, identify potential threats and assess what the impact will be. This blog steps through some of the key points you need to consider when embarking on a mobile security testing effort.

Understanding What You’re Testing and Why

By understanding where you are vulnerable...  

The Software Economy and Structured QA

The economy and software are now integrated so tightly that we can’t disconnect them. As software continues to grow in functionality and integration, i.e. televisions, computers, mobile apps; our lives will continue to morph as this software is also intertwined with related services. As Nassim Taleb put it, our lives are becoming more fragile due to all these dependencies as well. Could we survive without software? That's why you need to make sure...

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Overcoming E-commerce Testing Challenges Through Structured QA and Automation

Retail Software Testing Ecommerce basketEcommerce testing is the best way to keep your retail software run as smooth as possible and attract more customers, helping you to grow your business. Find out what it takes to do ecommerce testing and what is the best approach.

GQM Questions: The Toughest Part is Asking the Right Questions

GQM (Goal Question Metric) is a methodology for aligning goals with metrics for a business process. Although used mostly in software development environments, GQM is also used in many business management environments. But the tough part is asking the right questions. With our upcoming half-day tutorial titled "Agile Metrics – It’s Not About Velocity" at QUEST 2016 in Chicago on April 19, I sat down with Phil Lew, our CEO, to discuss some key GQM questions that come to mind when using the paradigm in light of Agile. Here's just a sampling of some of the questions.

Agile Objectives Come First

Relating Metrics Back to Our Agile Objectives

When designing metrics to measure your agile process, it's important to recognize that not all metrics are fit for all organizations. It wouldn’t make sense to measure blood sugar everyday for a patient not prone to diabetes who shows no symptoms, so it wouldn’t make sense to buy any of the special equipment to do so nor spend the time to do it. The point is that to determine the optimal metrics for your organization, you need to examine your current processes and determine where your problem areas are as well as your goals. If we are an organization that uses an agile development process, let’s start by looking at two key agile objectives of quality and velocity:

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