Agile Objectives – What’s Holding You Back

We've given many workshops and webinars on Agile Metrics and how to connect your agile objectives to measure and improve the agile process. In Rex Black's talk on "Stupid Metrics Tricks" in 2016 at the Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference, he discussed some of the ways people manipulate and use metrics for their own personal gain, how to that, and how to use them in a productive way.  The important thing to remember is that when developing your agile objectives, velocity can be one objective but needs to be balanced with others. And we all need to recognize that...

Agile Reality

I recently gave a short seminar discussing Agile implementation. In several previous webinars as well as blogs, we've discussed Agile implementation success stories, so I was actually happy to present another viewpoint that not everyone is excited and satisfied with Agile, as Agile does not fit everyone. One of my slides, titled Agile Reality, was on Agile not being so easy and not all it’s cracked up to be. Here are some of the points in my lecture.

Agile Velocity versus Non-Agile Velocity

Last month, we hosted a webinar on Challenges and Successes in Agile Implementation featuring BlackLine Systems' Greg Burns and Ron Ben Yosef. So far, we've covered five of six questions from webinar viewers, including developer to tester ratio, and agile acceptance criteria. For this last question regarding Agile Velocity versus Non-Agile Velocity, we got both Greg and Ron to weigh in.

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