Top 7 Quality Challenges in the Mobile IOT Period

A new age is upon us: the Mobile IoT Period. Driven by the proliferation of mobile devices, and in particular the smartphone, we now face a complex and integrated infrastructure of technologies and concepts called the Internet of Things (IoT), all connected by mobile technology. The challenges we face to ensuring software quality for the myriad technologies that are being shaped by the Mobile IoT Period are daunting. Let’s take a look at the Top 7 Challenges in the Mobile IoT Period. Big Data Big data would not be possible without mobile network technologies to get the data from one [...]

Prepare for future load growth with JMeter webinar

Your site or web app may be running smoothly now, but do you know when it will run out of capacity? Instead of waiting to find out, there is a proactive way to find and address it before it impacts your customers.

The upcoming Tuesday, Jan. 17 XBOSoft webinar “Load Performance Testing with JMeter” at 8-9 AM PT covers how to utilize JMeter to be able to test a heavy load’s strength or to analyze overall performance under different load types.

Improving load testing performance

This webinar will show you how to design straight-forward load tests targeted at delivering actionable results.

Cloud Software Testing – 7 Top Nuggets Webinar

What's your Cloud Software Testing IQ?

At today's XBOSoft webinar on Cloud Software Testing, March 6, Bill Wilder, Windows Azure MVP, shared 7 nuggets that could help change your approach and cost management regarding cloud software testing. As many companies are struggling with getting up various test environments quickly and inexpensively, cloud software testing, aka using cloud resources, has risen up as a great opportunity to use or rent resources rather than owning them. However, many are still confused regarding the options, and the tradeoffs with each.

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