Retail Industry Transformation and the Need for Retail Integration Testing

Adaptability to a changing environment is the key to survival, so said my father. More recently, brick and mortar has come under siege from the online retailers, What is dramatically different about today, is these online retailers are not really retailers, they are software companies, focused on retail. The backbone of today’s retail business model is ...

Cloud communications software provider Mitel benefits from testing expertise

Cloud communications software provider Mitel was experiencing various difficulties with new software releases due to lack of sufficient testers on staff. XBOSoft was hired to provide the needed manpower. Over time, XBOSoft's range of services has expanded, with ever greater satisfaction on the part of the customer.

Testing Accounting Software – Account Reconciliation

XBOSoft Testing Accounting Software - Account ReconciliationThe complexity of account reconciliation software places special demands on the testers of account reconciliation software. The primary challenge: There are two types of accounts to be reconciled, each with its own unique characteristics.

Benbria: XBOSoft’s Software Testing Team Scales as Our Team Grows

Customer satisfaction ranks as perhaps XBOSoft’s top internal priority. In our 10 years of providing quality software testing services, we have cultivated long-term relationships with our customers. To make sure we’re meeting expectations, we regularly reach out to our customers for honest, no-holds-barred feedback. While we love praise, hearing what we can do better is even more important. That’s how we get better. We asked Daryna Bronnykova, director of engineering for Benbria, to assess our software testing services. Benbria, based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, makes software that targets the restaurant and hospitality industries. It has been an XBOSoft client since 2010.

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