Testing Accounting Software – IFRS Validation and Verification

This blog discusses some of the issues in testing accounting software and in particular when validating and verifying International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), set by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB). In a nutshell, IFRS is concerned with the preparation of financial statements. While GAAP ensures ....  

Prepare for future load growth with JMeter webinar

Your site or web app may be running smoothly now, but do you know when it will run out of capacity? Instead of waiting to find out, there is a proactive way to find and address it before it impacts your customers.

The upcoming Tuesday, Jan. 17 XBOSoft webinar “Load Performance Testing with JMeter” at 8-9 AM PT covers how to utilize JMeter to be able to test a heavy load’s strength or to analyze overall performance under different load types.

Improving load testing performance

This webinar will show you how to design straight-forward load tests targeted at delivering actionable results.

Testing Insurance Software – XML Data Verification – The Core of Insurance Software

Testing insurance software can be divided into front, middle and back office. When we examine the front office, we pay attention to the UI part. However, the front office is just a small part of the whole system. There are other components that need to communicate with the front office. XML is one of the predominant data formats used for this communication.

Data Warehouse Testing Quick Reference

A Data Warehouse (DW) stores data where it can be analyzed, archived, and secured. DW products are used to manage large amounts of data (now recently called Big Data) and make it easy for users to make business decisions. With mobile devices, social networks, and web-based software collecting so much data, many organizations are beginning to sell not only the data itself, but analyzed or scrubbed and filtered in some way. We’ve recently worked on testing some data warehouse projects and wanted to share a few quick QA tips specific to this domain...

Data Verification Testing

Software is a collection of computer programs and related data. But when we talk about software testing, we rarely pay enough attention to data. There are many testing methods to check the programs, black-box or white-box testing, functionality or performance testing, etc. What about the data? You may say Data-driven testing. Yes, data-driven testing does help, but we need much more than this.

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