Auto Insurance Software Testing

Compared with other insurance products, testing auto insurance software is simple and direct. There are not too many complicated rules. However, auto insurance software testing is very important since most insurance companies sell auto insurance in their product portfolio. Therefore, understanding the rules and important testing points are critical for the testing team. For most of auto insurance products, there are 4 main sections: personal and contract information, car information, insurance coverage and calculation. For testing auto insurance software, we’ve compiled a list of important business rules and check points:

Testing Insurance Software – XML Data Verification – The Core of Insurance Software

Testing insurance software can be divided into front, middle and back office. When we examine the front office, we pay attention to the UI part. However, the front office is just a small part of the whole system. There are other components that need to communicate with the front office. XML is one of the predominant data formats used for this communication.

Testing Insurance Software – Tips and Lessons Learned

Insurance is a broad industry covering health, personal property, liability, automobiles, mortgages and more. With such a wide range, some companies specialize while others offer comprehensive product offerings. In the last year and a half, XBOSoft has worked together with another software company that mainly focuses on developing software for the insurance industry. During this time, we’ve accumulated knowledge in insurance software and have gathered some key points that we think are important for testing insurance software:

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