Retail and Ecommerce

Retail and Ecommerce: Digital Transformation and What It Means For Software QA Digital transformation is a big idea and means many things; one industry that has been most affected is retail. Many consumers prefer to shop online instead of visiting retail storefronts. Gone are the days when shopping entailed going to the mall to check out different stores, compare products, finalize the purchases and go home with an armful of shopping bags. While the customer journey continues to get easier, it also continues to grow in complexity. To succeed, online retailers will have to shift focus from pure retailing [...]

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Retail Industry Transformation and the Need for Retail Integration Testing

Adaptability to a changing environment is the key to survival, so said my father. More recently, brick and mortar has come under siege from the online retailers, What is dramatically different about today, is these online retailers are not really retailers, they are software companies, focused on retail. The backbone of today’s retail business model is ...

Overcoming E-commerce Testing Challenges Through Structured QA and Automation

Retail Software Testing Ecommerce basketEcommerce testing is the best way to keep your retail software run as smooth as possible and attract more customers, helping you to grow your business. Find out what it takes to do ecommerce testing and what is the best approach.

Testing Retail Software – Ecommerce Testing Considerations

As part of our ecommerce software testing practice, we have been testing several retail websites in past several years. The main purpose of a retail online business is to attract customers and then basically get them to buy your products. So the main objectives are to show product details to potential customers, and make it easy as possible for them to find the right product and then of course pay for it. I’ll just discuss the first part since the payment process is a whole document in itself when it comes to testing. A successful retail website entices users to be more interested in the product and leads them to want to learn more about the product details, either in graphics or text. The most important factor is to organize and show such information to keep the customer moving forward toward your objective; buy. Given this, based on our testing experience, we need to prioritize our testing effort based on the special objectives of retail ecommerce:

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