XBO Thoughts on Software QA Standards and Certifications

There are several industry affiliations or certifications in the quality, software quality and software testing domains, but who the software QA certifications really for? Do they benefit you? or your client? the end user? ISO 9000 applies to product and process quality usually for manufacturing applications although some have applied them to software development. On the other hand, CMMI has specific certifications for software development processes as well as some service oriented processes. Most of the larger software companies do not comply with these certifications and they mostly exist for large government procurement or for software service providers to check a box as part of an RFP process.

Testing Accounting Software – Account Reconciliation

XBOSoft Testing Accounting Software - Account ReconciliationThe complexity of account reconciliation software places special demands on the testers of account reconciliation software. The primary challenge: There are two types of accounts to be reconciled, each with its own unique characteristics.

April 20, 2017
In Turkey, software testing takes center stage

Philip Lew delivers a keynote address in Istanbul on his agile software testing process. Will Turkey be the next wellspring of quality assurance innovation? Istanbul is home to TestIstanbul, an international tech conference that focuses on quality assurance and testing. TestInstanbul attracts entrepreneurs and engineers from around the world to share what they have learned about agile software testing practices. Philip Lew, XBOSoft founder and CEO, delivered the closing keynote presentation for the 2017 conference. A packed audience heard Lew’s signature speech: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Agile Testing.” Lew has been influenced in his career and [...]

Managing Agile Risk with AQAA in Atlanta

Last week, I presented at the Atlanta Quality Assurance AssociationAQAA — on “Managing Agile Software Projects Under Uncertainty.” In the beginning of the talk, we covered the reasons for agile project failure and took a vote as to why people thought or had the experience of failure in agile. The results were quite interesting... understanding why software projects succeed or fail

Understanding Risks in Managing Agile Software Projects

Have you ever needed to complete a software project, but kept running into issues or hitting walls so you couldn't move forward? Later this evening, our very own CEO Philip Lew is presenting to the Atlanta Quality Assurance Association (AQAA) on managing agile software projects. Managing Agile Software Projects Under Uncertainty: applying the right thinking and techniques to understand and curtail risk.

3 Fatal Flaws of Project and Program Frameworks

QA expert and author Johanna Rothman asks in a recent article whether managers in agile testing should "scale" agile to help multiple teams deliver products. Her answer: an emphatic "No." Why?

Johanna Rothman

"Scaling process leads to bloat. Instead of scaling process, scale collaboration."

Non-Functional Requirements in Everyday Life

One of my favorite restaurants is in the swankier part of town, surrounded by high-end designer shops and oddly overpriced candy stores. The restaurant serves French cuisine, has a happy hour worth ditching work early for, and the ambience of a California vineyard on a bright, sunny day. If guests aren’t dressing up to come here with their purse-size pooches, they dine in one of the many other “fancy” establishments. For such a prime location, it’s expected that service will be impeccable.

But it’s not. The staff is sometimes rude and you have to wait long periods of time before the waitstaff gets to you to take your order or bring it out to you. 

What this restaurant is missing is the fulfillment of what we know in the software testing industry as non-functional requirements.

ISO29119 Criticisms – Webinar Notes

ISO29119 criticisms and feedback tell us that the Debate Continues. Perhaps a little more sensible than what we've seen on TV lately -- or maybe not.

During our webinar in July with Jon Hagar, we had a few that put forth their opinions on ISO 29119, tweeting and posing questions and commenting on the event. I had a discussion with Jon Hagar on these views.

ISO 29119 – Useful or Not?

"Can't We All Just Get Along?"

ISO 29119 overview Is ISO 29119, the new software testing standard useful or not? I've been reading a lot lately about the latest ISO 29119 Standard which has recently been released (some sections final and some in draft form) and has received abundant 'test coverage' from certain members of the software testing community. There is even a petition of sorts to 'stop' it. Note I say "software testing community", because I don't believe there has been any negative feedback from the software engineering or software development community, although testing is all part of the process. It seems the 'context' driven testing community feels that the Standard violates some rules or takes away somehow from what they are doing?

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