March 21, 2017
The Trump-Xi Jinping Meeting: What to Expect Regarding Trade, Politics and US-China Relations

Beijing, China--March 21, 2017  XBOSoft CEO Philip Lew was interviewed by ThinkTech Hawaii about the possible ramifications for U.S.-China trade relations that a shift in foreign trade policies by the Trump Administration could have. Lew was interviewed by ThinkTech's Russell Leu. Save Save Save Save Save Save

Karaoke adventure turns into ThinkTech interview for CEO Lew

This article was written in China by CEO Philip Lew during a recent visit to the XBOSoft facilities there. I was out for a fun evening with friends and co-workers for some karaoke and a traditional Chinese meal of pizza and beer in Beijing the other night. Just a group of us winding down after a hard day. But like many things, it turned into something else: a serious discussion of trade policies. We ran into a university professor, Russell Leu, who also is part of a digital media company, ThinkTech. The program focuses on technology issues related to Hawaii. [...]

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