Exploding IoT market could drive opportunities for software testers

We asked Jon Hagar, our guest on Monday’s webinar, to give us a preview of his remarks. Here’s what he had to say. Jon: There is much hype, and there may even be quite a bit of money, around the IoT market.  IoT merges several technology lines, such as Mobile, Cloud, Communication, Big Data, and Embedded software.  Many aspects of IoT will be familiar. There are challenges, to be sure, for testers as the IoT market reveals its full potential. But these are really opportunities for testers who decide to get engaged in the IoT market.  These include:

Explore Mobile IoT Testing with Combinatorial Methodologist Jon Hagar

Jon Hagar, who will be the guest on our upcoming April 3 webinar, has dedicated his career to improving software testing methods and standards. After a long and successful career at aerospace giant Lockheed Martin, he founded Grand Software Testing, which he runs today. As a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Hagar works to develop standards for testing and generally to enhance the profession. Hagar will be discussing the challenges presented to developers and software testers by the Mobile IoT era. Our CEO, Philip Lew, will be asking Hagar about those challenges and what solutions [...]

Upcoming QA webinars: Agile testing, challenges of mobile IoT era

Philip Lew, XBOSoft founder and CEO, will participate in two webinars on consecutive Mondays as March morphs into April. You will want to save the dates of March 27 and April 3 if you are interested in learning more about the challenges of Agile testing, as well as testing in the mobile IoT era. Lew will be guest speaker for an hour-long webinar March 27 hosted by Coaching Agile Journeys. Lew will share his insights into Agile testing in the trenches. In this talk, he will cover agile testing issues such as test plans and cases. You will learn where [...]

Top 7 Quality Challenges in the Mobile IOT Period

A new age is upon us: the Mobile IoT Period. Driven by the proliferation of mobile devices, and in particular the smartphone, we now face a complex and integrated infrastructure of technologies and concepts called the Internet of Things (IoT), all connected by mobile technology. The challenges we face to ensuring software quality for the myriad technologies that are being shaped by the Mobile IoT Period are daunting. Let’s take a look at the Top 7 Challenges in the Mobile IoT Period. Big Data Big data would not be possible without mobile network technologies to get the data from one [...]

6 Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile App Testing

If you were test driving a new car, you’d want to take it on the back streets and the highway. It’s the same with mobile app testing: You’ll want to test on more than one device.

Woman testing a mobile app in production stage

Woman testing a mobile app in production stage at Microsoft for WOCinTech.

Faced with tight delivery deadlines and new features and widgets to review, there’s a tendency to focus on the superficial rather than digging deep to truly get to the core of quality. XBOSoft’s team has developed a short list of best practices that we think of as “The 6 Mistakes to Avoid” when performing mobile app testing.

Extremities and Tools on Mobile

A couple of important questions asked during our mobile performance webinar ponder the effect of temperature on mobile apps - and advice on best tools to test mobile devices performance. XBOSoft answers... EXTREME HOT & COLDQ: How does temp extremes effect mobile apps - extreme cold and heat? A: Extreme temperatures impact the physical device, but not the software application itself. If it is too hot, your phone will automatically shut down or reduce performance by shutting down unnecessary services. The same will happen when it is too cold. All devices, if you look at the manual of any device, you will see [...]

Mobile Performance Testing Video & Slides

For those of you who missed our Mobile Performance Webinar last week, and for those of you who want to view again, you can watch the recording on our youTube channel Our slides are also available on our Slideshare board Through these you can learn: ▪ Best practices in minimizing data flows across client devices ▪ When to use data reviews and network impairment ▪ How to minimize the impact upon desktop users under high mobile user loads XBOSoft offers comprehensive services for testing client's mobile performance across all aspects of the platform. Looking at three particular areas, XBOSoft's CEO Phil Lew and [...]

Mobile Performance Webinar Video

Having hosted our webinar on Mobile Performance Testing with James Pulley, CTO of NewCOE - we present to you the recorded version available on our youTube Channel here: http://youtu.be/9Y-s6A1hbzg  Looking at three particular areas,  our CEO Phil Lew and with guest panelist James Pulley talk through client handset, network and server performance testing. The webinar focuses on best practices in minimizing data flows across client handheld devices - when to use data reviews, network impairment and fix single user performance issues - and how to minimize the impact upon desktop users under high mobile user loads.      

Mobile Web Performance Optimization – Can You Recommend Mobile Performance Tools

For those of you that had questions or missed our webinar on Mobile Web Performance Optimization, with Mark Tomlinson and Phil Lew, one of the questions during/after the webinar was: "Can you recommend some good/popular mobile performance testing tools?" And the answer is...

Jan 7, 2014
Mobile Web Performance Webinar with Mark Tomlinson

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) June 30, 2014 Performance expert Mark Tomlinson discusses the latest mobile web performance techniques for 2014 with Philip Lew Mobile web performance in summary means that seconds matter and can heavily increase or decrease sales. Because the landscape and context for mobile is rapidly changing, organizations need to constantly re-examine how to optimize their mobile application performance. This could mean a responsive design, toolkit upgrade or a complete application transformation, but regardless, it should always translate into higher performance and an optimal experience for the user, your customer. On January 7 at 10am EST, XBOSoft hosted mobile web performance webinar with Philip [...]

Mobile Application Testing – The End User Experience

Mobile applications are more and more composite applications. Data is gathered from many different sources and presented to the client. However most mobile application testing does not take into account all these different sources of information. But it is imperative to test your mobile service as the user will experience it.

Mobile Network Performance Testing Webinar

With the increase in smart phone usage around the world, mobile network performance testing is gaining importance. Up to 60% of mobile failures are performance related  and Google found that a .5-1 second increase in page load time resulted in a 20% decrease in traffic and revenue. We did a series of 3 webinars on the different aspects of mobile performance testing: Part 1 - Client Application performance Part 2 - Server performance Part 3 - Network performance Here is a recording of part 3: covering mobile network performance testing. This webinar discusses: Causes of network related problems What tools and services [...]

Mobile Performance Testing – Testing the Server

We just did another webinar on mobile performance testing and this time we covered the server aspects of mobile performance testing. As mobile Internet usage becomes the norm and will soon surpass desktop Internet usage, how do you ensure that your mobile user experience is similar to the desktop experience of your software? Performance is a major issue in mobile user satisfaction. Testing the performance of your mobile applications and using the results of these tests to improve the performance is a key aspect of successfully delivering mobile software. XBOSoft is holding a series of 3 webinars in which we [...]

Mobile Software Quality – Mobile Performance Testing

According to this chart from StatCounter, that depicts the total US internet traffic (as measured by StatCounter), in June 2012 approximately 10 percent of all Internet traffic is coming from mobile devices. And the trend is up. This should not come to a surprise. I assume we all experience using our mobile for more and more online activities and I would not be surprised if many of our readers already spend more than 10 % of their total online time on one of their mobile devices. We see the same happening with our clients and the attention they direct towards [...]

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