June 4th to 9th, 2017
XBOSoft CEO Philip Lew to Make Three Software Testing Presentations at Better Software West in Las Vegas

XBOSoft CEO Philip Lew will be a triple threat presenter at Techwell's Better Software West. He will present a tutorial and an interactive speech on issues involved with mobile platform and product testing and will co-present a workshop on Agile Risk Management.

Talking Agile & Quality at TestIstanbul

As Phil Lew told his TestIstanbul audience, “These seven habits have evolved over the years through working with clients that had software quality issues after implementing agile development. Some people think agile development will solve all their problems." He stresses, "Well, it can solve some, but if poorly implemented, it can cause many others. I’ve been able to boil it down to these 7 habits as a way to continually ‘sharpen the saw’ and root out problems one by one.”

Software Defect Metrics – Getting Ready for Softec 2014

As I prepare for my talk in Kuala Lumpur at Softec 2014, I started thinking about our own projects at XBOSoft and the software defect metrics that we use internally to see how we are doing for our clients. There are the normal ones such as defect escape or leakage rates, and defect fix time, technical debt reduction - refactoring. But from a 'pure qa' point of view and in particular XBOSoft, we want to reduce the work for our clients while improving the quality of their software. Some of the key metrics we track include:

Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference 2014

Call for Abstracts sounds 'official' but actually, it's official lingo for "if you've got any ideas to share or solved any problems how about taking this opportunity to share them". As a member of the organizing committee for PNSQC 2014, I'd like to personally reach out to all XBOSoft friends, family and colleagues to submit an abstract.

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