Defect Classification in Software Testing

Why Do Defects Occur and What Can We Do About Them? We all say that we must ‘learn from our mistakes’ but how can we do this? One way, in the realm of software development, is software defect categorization. For many dev teams, after days and weeks of working on a game-changing feature/update, just when you’re about to deploy to the product stage, you discover a huge defect in the software. As software testers, we want to find the defects, but for the organization, the most important thing is what caused the defects in the first place? To better understand [...]

Watch Out For These Mistakes When Doing Performance Testing

What Are The Top 5 Sources of Software Performance Issues Software performance problems are difficult to find, understand and therefore fix because of today’s software complexity. Not only do we have to think about the software itself, but all of the other integrated components (hardware, software, database) and third party modules. In this blog, we discuss five common sources of software performance problems. As part of the discussion, we hope to convey some of our experience in finding and solving them as you learn some mistakes to avoid along the way. Code Efficiency How can we discover a code bottleneck? [...]

Impact of GDPR on Software Testing

As software testers we may think that GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) has nothing to do with us. However, the key word here is data. The problem is that to do our testing, we typically need data. You can’t do realistic end user acceptance testing without realistic data. Even before GDPR, getting good data for testing was a problem. Especially with complex business rules whereby a location may dictate that certain rules are enacted, or when a transaction changes different data fields as it is processed, or when data becomes valid, invalid, or expired dependent on different criteria or based [...]

Healthcare User Acceptance Testing

A recent XBOSoft blog reader wrote in and asked about Healthcare User Acceptance Testing for a healthcare patient portal.   Simply stated, any user acceptance testing would comprise of testing from an end user point of view to determine if you “ACCEPT” the software or not. Usually, acceptance is done by or on behalf of an end user or end customer for whom you are developing software. Sometimes, a development organization may ask a small group of users who have deep domain knowledge to do acceptance testing as well. In any case, it should be done from the end user [...]

According to IDC Big Data market is projected to be a $50 billion industry by 2019.

Big Data is big and will continue to become bigger. Bigger in the sense of size as more data sources come to fruition as sensors and other applications come online. More importantly, Big Data will become “bigger” in terms of importance due to the insights that can be gained. These insights can provide great value to a company trying to understand its users or customers better and to optimize their service and product offerings in a personalized manner. Yet the old caveat “garbage in garbage out” applies more than ever to Big Data. That’s where Big Data Testing comes in. If the data is not validated, it can lead analysts astray leading to information and insights that are not only inaccurate but perhaps in the opposite direction. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your data is valid and accurate. Let XBOSoft support your Big Data initiatives with our Big Data testing services.

April 20, 2017
In Turkey, software testing takes center stage

Philip Lew delivers a keynote address in Istanbul on his agile software testing process. Will Turkey be the next wellspring of quality assurance innovation? Istanbul is home to TestIstanbul, an international tech conference that focuses on quality assurance and testing. TestInstanbul attracts entrepreneurs and engineers from around the world to share what they have learned about agile software testing practices. Philip Lew, XBOSoft founder and CEO, delivered the closing keynote presentation for the 2017 conference. A packed audience heard Lew’s signature speech: “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Agile Testing.” Lew has been influenced in his career and [...]

Benbria: XBOSoft’s Software Testing Team Scales as Our Team Grows

Customer satisfaction ranks as perhaps XBOSoft’s top internal priority. In our 10 years of providing quality software testing services, we have cultivated long-term relationships with our customers. To make sure we’re meeting expectations, we regularly reach out to our customers for honest, no-holds-barred feedback. While we love praise, hearing what we can do better is even more important. That’s how we get better. We asked Daryna Bronnykova, director of engineering for Benbria, to assess our software testing services. Benbria, based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, makes software that targets the restaurant and hospitality industries. It has been an XBOSoft client since 2010.

April 3, 2017
U.S. Tech Owner Speaks Out on Perils of Trade Barriers with China

San Francisco, CA (PRWeb) April 3, 2017  With an historic meet-up scheduled for later this week between U.S. President Donald Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping, companies with Chinese operations are anxiously awaiting developments in trade policies between the two nations. The new U.S. president vowed to tighten restrictions and add tariffs on imports from China. Exactly how Trump's strategy unfolds could directly affect U.S. business owners such as Philip Lew, founder and CEO of XBOSoft, a software testing firm. Many of XBOSoft’s engineers and support staff work out of the company’s Beijing office. Lew says altered trade policies could [...]

Exploding IoT market could drive opportunities for software testers

We asked Jon Hagar, our guest on Monday’s webinar, to give us a preview of his remarks. Here’s what he had to say. Jon: There is much hype, and there may even be quite a bit of money, around the IoT market.  IoT merges several technology lines, such as Mobile, Cloud, Communication, Big Data, and Embedded software.  Many aspects of IoT will be familiar. There are challenges, to be sure, for testers as the IoT market reveals its full potential. But these are really opportunities for testers who decide to get engaged in the IoT market.  These include:

Explore Mobile IoT Testing with Combinatorial Methodologist Jon Hagar

Jon Hagar, who will be the guest on our upcoming April 3 webinar, has dedicated his career to improving software testing methods and standards. After a long and successful career at aerospace giant Lockheed Martin, he founded Grand Software Testing, which he runs today. As a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Hagar works to develop standards for testing and generally to enhance the profession. Hagar will be discussing the challenges presented to developers and software testers by the Mobile IoT era. Our CEO, Philip Lew, will be asking Hagar about those challenges and what solutions [...]

March 21, 2017
The Trump-Xi Jinping Meeting: What to Expect Regarding Trade, Politics and US-China Relations

Beijing, China--March 21, 2017  XBOSoft CEO Philip Lew was interviewed by ThinkTech Hawaii about the possible ramifications for U.S.-China trade relations that a shift in foreign trade policies by the Trump Administration could have. Lew was interviewed by ThinkTech's Russell Leu. Save Save Save Save Save Save

March 21, 2017
XBOSoft Webinar: 7 Habits to Mastery of Agile Software Testing

San Francisco, CA (PRWeb) March 21, 2017--With agile software development the dominant industry process, testing is under increased pressure to keep up with agile's pace. In the rush to meet accelerated release dates, testing and the entire concept of quality assurance is often not prioritized. That's changing as software quality experts who focus on the agile testing process are establishing best practices for agile testing. Several such professionals will discuss trends and best practices in agile testing in a one-hour webinar March 27. Hosted by the nonprofit community Coaching Agile Journeys, the webinar will feature Philip Lew, CEO and founder [...]

Upcoming QA webinars: Agile testing, challenges of mobile IoT era

Philip Lew, XBOSoft founder and CEO, will participate in two webinars on consecutive Mondays as March morphs into April. You will want to save the dates of March 27 and April 3 if you are interested in learning more about the challenges of Agile testing, as well as testing in the mobile IoT era. Lew will be guest speaker for an hour-long webinar March 27 hosted by Coaching Agile Journeys. Lew will share his insights into Agile testing in the trenches. In this talk, he will cover agile testing issues such as test plans and cases. You will learn where [...]

January 17, 2017
JMeter Testing Webinar: Avoid Performance Testing Yourself Into a Corner

XBOSoft's Ed Curran explores best practices for JMeter Testing and Google Analytics

Using JMeter and Google Analytics For Software Performance Testing This XBOSoft webinar, “Load Performance Testing with JMeter,” covers how to utilize JMeter to be able to test a heavy load’s strength or to analyze overall performance under different load types. Featuring XBOSoft VP of Engineering Ed Curran, the webinar goes in-depth on using this excellent testing option, a load testing tool used to analyze and measure the performance of web applications. View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >

Software Quality and Account Reconciliation Team Together

Last weekend, @XBOSoft and @BlackLineSys teamed up at the @msbiketour #msride in Coastal Challenge From Santa Monica to Santa Barbara 2014. We all had a great time. And although it was not a race, we all had the jitters in the beginning as Caitlin and Stephen muscled into position at the mass start trying to avoid the masses and slingshot effect around curves at high speed. Climbing was Stephen and Caitlin's strong point as they often left the peloton behind when the going got steep! Caitlin gets ready Stephen in perfect form Caitlin leads out [...]

September 4th, 2014
Philip Lew at SOFTEC2014

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) September 04, 2014 SOFTEC 2014 has invited CEO of XBOSoft, Philip Lew, to present two talks at the show revolved around software testing and quality assurance. Philip Lew will talk on software quality metrics, how to define and develop metrics that connect with potential actions driving toward improvement. He will also present best practices in Mobile Usability and UX, demonstrating how to launch mobile applications that meets business goals while satisfying end users. Phil will cover industry practices that are not the best and how to overcome those in order to build an app that users [...]

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