Cloud communications software provider Mitel benefits from testing expertise

Cloud communications software provider Mitel was experiencing various difficulties with new software releases due to lack of sufficient testers on staff. XBOSoft was hired to provide the needed manpower. Over time, XBOSoft's range of services has expanded, with ever greater satisfaction on the part of the customer.

Utilizing Design for Users

One of the most impactful ways to improve a site or app is taking a deeper look at the design of it from the minsdet of your users. We're making a push to think and act more critically about User Experience in 2017 and want to talk directly to you about it.

Analyzing how a user interacts with your site is crucial to improving Evaluating user experience.

Mobile App Usability – How to Avoid Critical Mistakes

As I get ready for my talk at the Fluent Conference in San Francisco entitled: Avoid critical UX mistakes to keep your users coming back, I'm trying the crystalize some of my thoughts regarding why Mobile App Usability is more important than usability for desktop or web-based apps. With mobile applications, usability becomes even more complex due to the mobile’s natural characteristics, some of which include:

Usability Testing Tools – Based on User-Centered Design

 When it comes to User Research and Usability Testing, the core of User-Centered Design, there are many available tools and services. How do you find the right tools for the job when every project has different needs and budgets? Luckily, there are many resources that can help you identify, craft and execute the best test plan for any scenario. We had a discussion with Kate Valdes, guest presenter of last months webinar on Agile Product and User-Centered Design Methodologies, who provided a number of useful links.

Mobile UX Design and Testing Basics

In many of my talks, I discuss the importance of UX and how we, as testers, need to increase our value, especially on an agile team with everyone wearing multiple hats. Many small to medium size companies may not have a full time UX designer on staff, so in some cases it may be up to testers to ensure the overall quality, which can include UX. Good mobile UX design and testing depends on remembering some basic principles.

Google Glass – Age of Wearables

Recently, Phil Lew, CEO of XBOSoft was asked to write a piece on his experience using Google Glass wearable technology.... I'm writing this after 2 months of using Google Glass. As a mobile usability and UX guy, I’ve been talking a lot about wearables lately and how they will be transforming the mobile industry as they collect contextual data from the body and around the body (the environment and surroundings of the wearer). These data streams will go through the mobile smartphone which will then of course, sends the data wherever, sometimes with our knowledge and unfortunately often times without [...]

Testing Retail Software – Ecommerce Testing Considerations

As part of our ecommerce software testing practice, we have been testing several retail websites in past several years. The main purpose of a retail online business is to attract customers and then basically get them to buy your products. So the main objectives are to show product details to potential customers, and make it easy as possible for them to find the right product and then of course pay for it. I’ll just discuss the first part since the payment process is a whole document in itself when it comes to testing. A successful retail website entices users to be more interested in the product and leads them to want to learn more about the product details, either in graphics or text. The most important factor is to organize and show such information to keep the customer moving forward toward your objective; buy. Given this, based on our testing experience, we need to prioritize our testing effort based on the special objectives of retail ecommerce:

Developing meaningful Usability and User Experience (UX) measurements for Mobile applications

May 31 we held a webinar with Duke Yetter, the CEO of Mobile Medsoft and our own Phil Lew, in which they discussed setting up the right usability and UX measurements for testing mobile healthcare applications. It was a very interesting talk where Duke shared his ideas and experiences from the perspective of a health care executive and Phil shared insights based on years of experience as a consultant and his academic research. Please see the video below: If you are interested in usability more resources can be found here.

Mobile Testing – Usability and User Experience Measurement

If your users cannot figure out your application in less than 30 seconds they’re gone. The UX and usability of your applications are their competitive advantage. May 31 11:00 AM Eastern UX and Usability Expert Phil Lew will discuss how to set up and implement the right measurements to continuously deliver the applications your users love to use. Together with RNA Health Phil will present a case study for a mobile health care application. See you there!

Mobile Usability Testing and Mobile User Experience

How to define and measure UX for mobile? I discussed usability and UX modeling and measurement models. One of the models was based on logging user activity and determining if they completed tasks. If a user can complete a task easily, or learn how to complete a task easily, this is critical. Learning is especially important for mobile applications because

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