June 4th to 9th, 2017
XBOSoft CEO Philip Lew to Make Three Software Testing Presentations at Better Software West in Las Vegas

XBOSoft CEO Philip Lew will be a triple threat presenter at Techwell's Better Software West. He will present a tutorial and an interactive speech on issues involved with mobile platform and product testing and will co-present a workshop on Agile Risk Management.

Top 7 Quality Challenges in the Mobile IOT Period

A new age is upon us: the Mobile IoT Period. Driven by the proliferation of mobile devices, and in particular the smartphone, we now face a complex and integrated infrastructure of technologies and concepts called the Internet of Things (IoT), all connected by mobile technology. The challenges we face to ensuring software quality for the myriad technologies that are being shaped by the Mobile IoT Period are daunting. Let’s take a look at the Top 7 Challenges in the Mobile IoT Period. Big Data Big data would not be possible without mobile network technologies to get the data from one [...]

Utilizing tech for fitness

When you’re as dedicated to physical fitness as XBOSoft CEO Philip Lew, you develop a wearables habit. After being an early adopter to Google Glass, he has also used devices to track runs when training for Bay to Breakers, casual bike rides, and even his commute to work. Management at companies across the country have similar mindsets.

Wearing a Pebble fitness tracker to monitor the bike ride.

Gearing up for a bike ride.

Software Quality Challenges in the Internet of Things Era

How many of you know what the "blue screen" is? Or Ctrl-alt-delete? We used to test functionality ("Does it work as intended?"), but as software has become more complex and distributed, we're faced with different software quality challenges. This is getting even more complicated with what's now called The Internet of Things, or IoT. With IoT, software and hardware work together more than ever. How do you diagnose the problem? Where is it? In my recent keynote in San Diego at the Practical Software Testing Conference, I had the opportunity to present some of the most critical challenges facing us as software engineers.

Wearables Big Data and Privacy

Wearables Big Data and Privacy - What if my watch was hacked? Would I care? Depends on who I am!

With the latest generation of high tech wearables - smartwatches, some may be rejoicing in how much functionality they seem to be gaining. With my Apple Watch, I can do so many things! But wait, what data is being collected when I do all these things? Is Wearables Big Data secure? What if the FBI wants it? Let’s list out a few of the tasks and some of the possibilities.

Wearables Sensors Big Data and More

As I start to prepare for my talk on Wearables: Navigating the Perfect Storm of Sensors, Big Data, Privacy, and Security in Orlando at Better Software Conference East next week, I find I'm always updating my presentation with the latest developments and happenings. Last year about this time, I really thought that wearables sensors (at least fitness wearables that you wear on your wrist) were poised to take off.

Context Responsive – What Does it Mean?

Applications must not only be mobile responsive, but "Context Responsive." But what does context responsive mean? 

For mobile responsive, we generally mean that websites, given the context of displaying on a mobile phone or other device (than a laptop or desktop) will sense what the device is, what the screen size is, and optimize the user experience for viewing on that particular mobile device.

So what makes wearables mobile and different than a mobile phone? We do! Let’s think of our current paradigm to let our imaginations roam:

Smartwatch Issues – Worth the money?

One of the most important elements of success for the mobile smartwatch that many vendors don't consider (including Apple Watch ) is that wearables are, for the most part, considered replaceable and almost expendable. Do you really want a smartwatch? Willing to pay for something that you'll throw away soon? What does that mean? That pricing has to be indicative of this mindset. But some smartwatches have a pretty hefty price tag. Does value measure up? I was sitting at lunch during my Mobile Wearables luncheon session at Better Software Conference West (#BSCADC by @techwell), and several questions [...]

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