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Oct 3, 2017
Agile Remote Teams – Overcoming Agile Virtual Team Challenges

Working with Agile Remote Teams - Overcoming Virtual Team Challenges

Heidi Araya, our guest speaker with over 20 years of experience in working with Agile teams, joined XBOSoft CEO Philip Lew for a discussion of challenges in working with remote agile teams and methods and tools you can use to alleviate these challenges. Starting with where these challenges arise, Araya and Lew discussed,  among other aspects...  View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >      

March 27, 2017
Coaching Agile Journeys Webinar w/ Phil Lew: Testing Agile

Do you really need a test plan?

testing agile - webinar with coaching agile journeys Your team might excel at taking orders, but they also might be more dysfunctional than you’re aware. Without healthy organizational habits and proper planning, your Agile efforts are useless and "Testing Agile" will never work. If you’re wondering how you can optimize your agile testing process, Phil will share his insights Agile Testing in the trenches. View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >

October 20, 2016
Agile Storytelling: Discover the Big Picture for Agile Efforts Webinar with Tom Cagley

Peeling back Agile, one layer at a time.

Storytelling is a powerful tool to elevate even the most diehard requirements analyst from a discussion of individual requirements to a discussion of outcomes. Outcomes are the big picture that acts as an anchor for whole efforts and which is continuously broken down into more and more detailed backlogs. The onion metaphor popularly used in Agile planning, Cohn’s Planning Onion, can be used to describe the evolution of these backlogs. View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >

August 10, 2016
ASTQB Webinar w/ Phil Lew: Agile and Waterfall – What Do Testers Do Differently?

What's the difference between Agile testing and "other" testing?

Software testing can be done using a variety of methods, whether it's Waterfall, Agile, or one of Agile's many forms.  Each has its own benefits, but what exactly is the difference between test practices of these methods? Do Agile testers still utilize test plans? What skills are necessary for testing success?   View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >

July 13, 2016
When Agile is a Quality Game Changer: Predictive Forecasting of Defect Profiles Webinar with Michael Mah

Accelerate your success with in-depth research and smarter decisions

Agile is now becoming mainstream and is changing the economics of software, but only the best teams are finding these significant quality implications. What patterns are being revealed, and what does this mean to teams responsible for that final testing lap? View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >

December 1, 2015
Challenges and Successes in Agile Implementation Webinar

A first-hand experience in conversion to the agile method

XBOSoft-agile-webinar-BlackLine-V6s Agile continues to grow in popularity as a software development method, with an ever-increasing number of organizations migrating to use of some form of the methodology. Successfully meeting the challenges of agile implementation is dependent on a number of factors, from organizational to people to process to technologies. View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >

November 12, 2015
Agile Product and User-Centered Design Methodologies Webinar

How to identify natural client touch-points throughout the software process.

xbosoft-nov 12 webinar_user design_kate valdes1 With agile development methods and the move towards cross-functional, autonomous, self-organizing teams, how do we ensure that the customer’s perspective is not getting lost along the way? What steps can be taken to effectively meet the needs and interests of both client and user in the software process? View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >

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