Agile Test Mgmt with Visual Studio

Agile Test Management with Visual Studio At XBOSoft, we’ve been working extensively in Agile. We collaborate with clients using Visual Studio (VS) together with Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to help seamlessly manage the entire testing life cycle. Although we use many Agile methods, probably the most common is scrum – one of the most popular agile development methods with close collaboration. This white paper explores Visual Studio together with MTM and TFS, and their use in implementing an Agile testing methodology with a particular focus on scrum. Learn about scrum roles, the [...]

Agile Quality Metrics

Agile Testing Metrics - Quality Before Velocity For Agile development, many proponents for "working software" say there is no need for metrics. They may even say tracking defects early is a waste of effort. But when velocity takes precedence over quality, how is a quality end product guaranteed? By using metrics in Agile testing, we can predict what we're going to get. In this white paper, the XBOSoft team of software testing experts offers insight into what to measure and how to connect metrics to achieve real Agile goals. In this white paper, discover: Key ingredients for long term [...]

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Agile Test Plan 2.0

Agile Test Plan 2.0 Stop worrying. Start planning. Download your test plan now! You've heard "working software over comprehensive documentation" as part of the Agile Manifesto, but that doesn't mean zero documentation. Although test planning with Agile isn't quite the same as with traditional software projects, you still need to plan. Whether you already have a test plan, or have no idea where to begin, this guide will show you: Testing as part of sprint planning Scrum adaptations for test planning Agile test methods as part of strategy and design Shifting activities to the left How to handle regression testing in [...]

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Agile Testing Survey Report

All About Agile Testing Survey Report 2015 Agile has become an ever more common software development methodology and today challenges waterfall as a favored practice among development teams. In response to its rapid growth and the debate that often surrounds Agile implementation, XBOSoft undertook a survey to uncover answers to what works, what doesn’t – and what lies ahead. Organizations “in the trenches” with Agile responded with inside looks into the challenges and benefits of Agile conversion. If you are still wondering what testers do in an agile team, or how to best implement QA into an agile team, [...]

Agile Velocity Metrics

Agile Velocity Metrics Measuring Agile Velocity in your Agile Process When you want to measure the true speed of a car, you don't just step on the gas pedal and take the measurement on the speedometer. You have to consider measurements of air intake, the amount of fuel in the tank, the weight of the vehicle, and even the amount of tread on the tires. These all affect speed and offer a lot of insight on how to improve the vehicle's performance. If you've watched our Agile webinar, you know that we at XBOSoft take Agile velocity metrics as [...]

Strategies for Agile Testing

New Strategies for Agile Testing In the old days with waterfall development, we figured out what to build, designed and wrote code, tested, and deployed. Testing was usually done late and often separate from development activities. Though often unavoidable because the application was not ready to test, it led to a lot of problems down the road. With agile development, we see progress early and can deliver at least something by the original deadline. But we need to adapt the traditional testing model to agile test strategy, and compress testing cycles while continually increasing the quality of the software [...]

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