Solving Selenium Common Issues – Tips and Tricks

Solving Selenium Common Issues - Tips and Tricks At XBOSoft, we create an optimized automation framework for each client using Selenium. Over the years, we’ve discovered that while Selenium may have a very active support community, that does not guarantee finding a solution will be easy. One of the most common issues we’ve run into is object recognition. This white paper includes: Why we use Selenium, and what benefits it offers How to recognize its weaknesses and examples of using XPath axes to locate elements in Selenium WebDriver How using XPath axes makes for better automated testing Identifying XPath’s weaknesses, [...]

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Performance Testing the Right Scenarios

Automated Performance & Load Testing: How to Avoid Testing Yourself into a Corner It's only when apps and sites run slow or freeze that we really notice the importance of how well they function. Applications and networks that support these services are under extreme pressure to perform flawlessly. Compounding the problem are short time-to-market requirements, as well as complexities related integrating many third party components, and the adoption of outsourcing. With compressed test cycles, many organizations have turned to automation, both for functional testing and performance testing as the best answer to these challenges. In this White Paper, see [...]

Software Test Automation Guidelines

Software Test Automation Guidelines It can be tricky trying to get the ball rolling on software test automation...and then keep that ball rolling. Often times, you choose an automation tool without thinking about your strategy and how it fits into your organization AND software development methods. This white paper covers how to get started by choosing the test automation tool that best suits your organization and how to maintain your automation test scripts once automation has been successfully implemented. It also points out typical areas that are prone to failure, and how to avoid them. Download this white paper to learn: [...]

Software Test Automation Practices

Software Test Automation Best Practices V2 We don't like to use the word Best Practices, so that's why this paper is V2. Over time, our practices change according to different technologies, methods and our business requirements. Additionally, Best Practices for some are not Best for others. In any case, we've listed out some Great Practices so that you can pick and choose which ones are BEST for you. Every organization faces time crunches and almost every client we've worked with wants to increase test automation for reasons of increasing speed and quality while decreasing resources required. But to do that [...]

How to Use Silktest Tutorial

SilkTest Tutorial – How to Use SilkTest Borland SilkTest is one of the most popular tools in software test automation. SilkTest uses a scripting language called 4Test, so using the tool beyond simple recording requires programming skill and experience, especially when designing scripts that are efficient and easy to maintain for testing enterprise applications, which often run on multiple platforms. In this tutorial, we present a general framework when using SilkTest to do automated testing. Please click the button below to get a complimentary copy of the white paper. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER [...]

Automated Versus Manual Testing – Where Should You Automate Testing?

Automated Versus Manual Testing – Automation Assessment Automated software testing is often thought to be too expensive or difficult, especially given the cost of tools and the expertise needed to master them. However, in many cases, test automation can reduce the overall costs of testing, while increasing test coverage and effectiveness, and shortening testing cycles. There are also various intangible benefits associated with automation such as reaching the market faster and improving tester moral (and productivity) through the elimination of tedious tasks. But there is an upfront investment in tooling and in gaining expertise to make it worthwhile. Many [...]

Test Automation Framework with CodedUI – Visual Studio

How To Build a Test Automation Framework With Coded UI User interface testing is critical for any software independent of platform. If UI functions don’t work as intended or end-users find the interface confusing and cumbersome, your app won’t deliver on potential ROI. The challenge is that manual testing can’t deliver the rigor and repetition needed to test applications at scale. XBOSoft’s free whitepaper walks you through the critical steps of automation testing using Visual Studio’s Coded UI tool. Learn what makes Coded UI the ideal choice for many automated testing deployments, discover the key steps in building a [...]

Software Test Automation Using Visual Studio with TFS

Software Test Automation Using Visual Studio Software test automation is a must when keeping up with regression for agile teams. This Powerpoint presentation walks you through building software test automation using Visual Studio’s CodedUI with a simple example. This is followed by techniques to use the framework in conjunction with Team Foundation Server and Test Manager to execute and track results. Please click the button below to get a complimentary copy of the white paper. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

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