How to Improve Software Quality?

Improving Software Quality - Where to Start Improvement doesn't have to be difficult. At a certain point in any company's life, software quality really starts to matter and becomes something that can no longer be kept on the back burner. But, there are so many different aspects to software quality that it's hard to figure out where to start. At XBOSoft, we believe that the best way to begin improving software quality is by setting up a framework approach that encompasses three phases: Understand, Evaluate, and Improve. This white paper explains the first phase, Understand, and how you can begin on the [...]

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Results for Software Test Outsourcing

A Results-Based Model for Outsourced Software Testing Many companies find it is beneficial to outsource all or part of their software testing to an external testing service provider. But working with an external vendor is not always easy since objectives are not always aligned. Charging and logging hours has nothing to do with what you really want, increased confidence that your software has the best quality possible. This paper outlines the 5 key steps for a results-based model for outsourced software testing based on Quality and Service objectives that ensure both parties are fully aligned and based not on hours-billed but rather, [...]

Defining Quality for Saas Webapps

Defining Quality of Web-based Applications in Today's SaaS World This paper presents a new framework for measuring the quality of web-based software applications. In the past, companies used to do a software product release by shipping a new CD. Today, with Software as a Service (SaaS) business models, software delivery is entirely different; it is simply released online. Therefore, new research relating to software quality adapt traditional measurement methods and use newer methods based on providing a service rather than a product. This paper discusses which older measurements now have less validity and provides a framework for newer measurements [...]

Defining Total Software Quality

Total Software Quality As software usage becomes more mission-critical in almost every aspect of life, understanding and, more importantly, improving software quality also becomes essential. And as development cycles shorten, better testing techniques and test design with better tools for performance testing, automated testing and more have come forth. From the QA perspective, most initiatives on increasing software quality today are focused on development and testing methodologies and working to integrate them to be more efficient. This white paper proposes a holistic view of software quality and discusses: Defining and understanding software quality Other potential influences on quality Software [...]

Use Process Views to Improve Software

Specifying Process Views for a Measurement, Evaluation and Improvement Strategy The main goal in evaluating software quality is to ultimately improve its quality. This paper discusses SIQinU (Strategy for Improving Quality in Use), a six-phased evaluation-driven strategy for understanding and improving software quality requirements in a systematic way. SIQinU is a repeatable and consistent strategy which relies on: a conceptual framework (with ontological base), a process, and specific methods. In order to illustrate SIQinU, a real case study is conducted. Please click the button below and we’ll send you a copy of the whitepaper. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER [...]

Evaluating Information Quality

Information Quality Evaluation Framework: Extending ISO 25012 Data Quality Model Web sites and Web applications (WebApps) are becoming more information driven and content-oriented raising the concern about their information quality (InQ). This paper proposes an approach to specify InQ requirements for WebApps by reusing and extending the ISO 25012:2008(E) data quality model. We also discuss learnability aspects of information quality for WebApps. The proposed ISO 25012 based InQ framework is a step towards a standardized approach to evaluate WebApps InQ. Please click the button below and we’ll send you a copy of the whitepaper. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER [...]

Software QA Evaluation Framework

An Enterprise Framework for Evaluating and Improving Software Quality With the world’s economy increasingly driven by software products, there has been a relentless pursuit of software quality. However, attention to and attempting to improve the quality of the product or its development process alone may not be the most effective means to improve quality. XBOSoft's Enterprise Quality in Use Framework examines other parts of the organization’s processes and outputs to improve quality not only in development phase, but also through each phase of the product life cycle. Please click the button below and we’ll send you a copy of [...]

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