Software Security Testing Services

Software Security Testing Services Software Security Testing is Important! There is a good chance that you are already personally on the receiving end of a breach - Equifax. your SS #, home address, phone number, etc., are likely being funneled around the dark web to multiple bidders. This is real and software security testing really is important! Equifax is the latest high-visibility security failure example, with half the U.S. population affected. But that breach is hardly an isolated event. Yahoo, Verizon, Republican National Committee, OneLogin (with compromised API keys) have all been victims. And this list goes on [...]

Software Security Risks Survey Results

Software Security Risks Survey Results 2018 The continuous shift from hardware to software and device interconnectivity is creating fantastic opportunities for business. However, with these trends also come increased opportunities for software-related security breaches. XBOSoft conducted a survey to learn where testers and their organizations stand in terms of security testing focus and readiness. Organizations across a wide variety of industries were represented in the results, proving that software security is a universal issue. Download our Software Security Risks Survey Results 2018 for a look at: The types of security breaches that different organizations face Which industries are at highest risk for security [...]

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Modeling Security Penetration Testing

Modeling Security Penetration Tests with Stringent Time Constraints This article discusses the modeling aspect of our security testing methodology and explains how to best model security projects with little time, including: Determining Project Objectives Modeling goal Gathering System Information Developing a Risk Profile Testing tools or manual testing Vulnerability Investigation-Stop Criteria Please click the button below and we’ll send you a copy of the whitepaper. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

Choosing Security Testing Tools

Software Security Testing - How to Choose Security Tools Due to cloud and mobile computing, devices, data and their new usage contexts are causing a great concern for security testing as new security breaches occur daily as holes are discovered and exploited. Tools can be used to support security testing processes, to identify vulnerabilities, and to gather related information of target sites or applications. There are hundreds of security tools available, but with so many choices, how do you pick out the best tool(s) for your specific objective(s). This white paper discusses a structured decision process to help you [...]

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