How to Write Test Cases or Not?

So You Think You Can Write a Test Case White Paper As development methods have changed and with the movement towards lean practices, some propose that the test case is dead. On the other hand, test cases form an important artifact necessary for knowledge management. This white paper was written to help address these issues and provide a guide to avoid problems when writing test cases. It describes in simple terms how to write test cases that add value to the product, testing and QA test cycles, exploring: What is a test case? – Objective of a test case, [...]

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Software Localization Testing Tips

Software Localization Testing Best Practices This white paper describes localization testing best practices. The paper gives a check list of best practices we we have learned after many localization projects and we use on every localization project. Please click the button below and we’ll send you a copy of the whitepaper. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

Strategies for Agile Testing

New Strategies for Agile Testing In the old days with waterfall development, we figured out what to build, designed and wrote code, tested, and deployed. Testing was usually done late and often separate from development activities. Though often unavoidable because the application was not ready to test, it led to a lot of problems down the road. With agile development, we see progress early and can deliver at least something by the original deadline. But we need to adapt the traditional testing model to agile test strategy, and compress testing cycles while continually increasing the quality of the software [...]

Functional Test Plan Template

Web Application Functional Test Plan – Template for Websites and WebApps This functional test plan outlines several test categories that can used when developing detailed test cases, in particular for websites and web applications. Using this outline, you can modify for your own test case development strategy, i.e. weighting, level of coverage, etc. for each test category to develop detailed test cases. Use our test plan to get a head start and make sure you don’t forget anything… Navigation Error handling Error prevention Negative testing And more… Please click the button below and we’ll send you a copy of [...]

Issues in Software Testing in the Cloud

Testing the Cloud - Top 3 Implications for QA and Software Testing For Cloud Software Applications Cloud computing is the single largest trend in IT deployment today, touted to provide benefits to businesses, ranging from reduced ownership and maintenance costs to device and location independence. But what is cloud computing and what are the issues involved with testing cloud applications? This paper briefly introduces cloud computing and the main benefits and concerns of deploying cloud applications. We then discuss how these implementation concerns can be addressed through testing strategies and methods specialized for cloud architectures. Please click the button [...]

Improving Dev and QA Cooperation

Improving Software Quality Through QA and Development Cooperation QA teams are often pushed to the final hour, testing features with altered specifications that may be misunderstood and often incomplete. How does QA satisfy clients (developers, product managers, end users) but also manage product quality? This paper presents some practical ideas on how to improve software quality through cooperation. Please click the button below and we’ll send you a copy of the whitepaper. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

Implement Test Process Improvement

Test Process Improvement and Assessment With today's quick iterations, you may find you're always testing at the very last minute? You realize that software testing must do more than find defects at the end of the development cycle, but you don't know where to start to get ahead of the curve? In this white paper, find out: Learn about Test Process Improvement and how to improve the entire software testing process rather than just find defects at the end of the iteration. How to lead your QA team toward less defects in production and higher productivity throughout the entire [...]

Software Localization Test Guidelines

Software Localization Testing Guidelines This white paper covers how to get started with software localization testing. The paper briefly covers some of the criteria and issues when determining what level of localization to implement. This is followed by typical issues and areas to consider when kicking off a localization testing effort. Please click the button below and we’ll send you a copy of the whitepaper. CLICK TO DOWNLOAD WHITE PAPER

Scrum Testing Survey Results Report

Scrum Testing Survey Results How does your Scrum team keep up with testing? Do you know how effective the software testing in your Scrum development process is? Find out how your Scrum team handles testing compared with other Scrum teams around the world. With more development teams moving towards agile development processes and Scrum in particular the role of test is evolving. Where some say test is no longer needed as a dedicated role; we find that the role of test actually gains in importance in agile, although the responsibilities have changed. So we decided to conduct a survey [...]

Scrum Test Plan Template

Scrum Test Plan You’re working on a software product or project using scrum. You are in charge of testing and want to succeed. We want you to succeed. Great testing starts with a great plan, but test planning with scrum is a little different than test planning with traditional software projects. Whether you already have one and want to compare notes, or you're starting from scratch, download our scrum test plan guide. In it you’ll find these areas covered and more: Scrum testing as part of sprint planning Scrum process and different testing components Test coverage methods Scrum test methods and responsibilities Please click [...]

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