White Box Testing Requirements – Questions to Ask

When doing a white box testing project, its best come up with a list of White Box Testing Requirements. Otherwise it can be very difficult to satisfy your client. We recently worked with a client that was looking for a 'check' because things were just not running quite right and was concerned they had coding problems. Before we got started, we sat down with them and asked several questions prior to coming up with a good estimate of work to be done and a timeline:

Using Cyclomatic Complexity Analysis to Increase Software Quality

Ensuring software quality requires much more than testing and should start much earlier in the development lifecycle. One activity that can help is cyclomatic complexity analysis. For cyclomatic complexity analysis, simply put, higher numbers indicate more complexity and are “bad” while lower numbers are “good”. Some modules and their functions may be inherently more complex to implement and therefore have a relatively high cyclomatic complexity than other modules. Cyclomatic complexity gives us a sense of how hard code may be to test, and maintain

Software Reliability and Whitebox Testing

Software reliability is mission critical for many domains including aerospace, military, finance, and telecom. These industries cannot tolerate errors or glitches and, some of them require 99.9999% up-time. Ensuring software reliability has many elements. Let’s take a look at some common defects that can cause software to crash. 1. Array Bounds. In C++, int a[3] contains 3 variables as a[0], a[1], a[2] , but if a programmer uses a[3], the system will not found this variable. 2. Null pointer. Have you seen a blue screen as 0x00000000? This information is usually caused by a null pointer because a software program [...]

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