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XBO Thoughts on Software QA Standards and Certifications

There are several industry affiliations or certifications in the quality, software quality and software testing domains, but who the software QA certifications really for? Do they benefit you? or your client? the end user? ISO 9000 applies to product and process quality usually for manufacturing applications although some have applied them to software development. On the other hand, CMMI has specific certifications for software development processes as well as some service oriented processes. Most of the larger software companies do not comply with these certifications and they mostly exist for large government procurement or for software service providers to check a box as part of an RFP process.

Mobile Security Testing – Your Vulnerabilities Are On the Move

With the “Digital Transformation” gaining influence in our lives and making software even more prevalent as the driver of change, you can’t help but think of the mobile platform as the key enabler. With this in mind, it’s critical to understand the infrastructure that supports your mobile app and the components that may be exposed to vulnerabilities. And with this understanding, identify potential threats and assess what the impact will be. This blog steps through some of the key points you need to consider when embarking on a mobile security testing effort.

Understanding What You’re Testing and Why

By understanding where you are vulnerable...  

The Software Economy and Structured QA

The economy and software are now integrated so tightly that we can’t disconnect them. As software continues to grow in functionality and integration, i.e. televisions, computers, mobile apps; our lives will continue to morph as this software is also intertwined with related services. As Nassim Taleb put it, our lives are becoming more fragile due to all these dependencies as well. Could we survive without software? That's why you need to make sure...

By |October 26th, 2017|Security Testing|

Overcoming Agile Virtual Team Challenges

Agile is everywhere. Software development companies can’t seem to live without it – no Scrum, no glory. But Scrum as an agile implementation is no recipe for a guaranteed success: it may even be the opposite. While it´s tempting to go Agile “all the way”, you might want to think twice before doing so and ask yourself what is it you want to achieve through applying it. In this webinar, catch up with Heidi Araya, our guest speaker, who will discuss agile virtual team challenges and how to alleviate some of the inconveniences of working in an agile remote environment.

Test Management with TFS+VS+MTM

These days, many companies are developing on the .Net platform with Visual Studio. What some don’t realize is that together with TFS (Team Foundation Server) and MTM (Microsoft Test Manager), they can manage the entire testing life cycles seamlessly including task assignment> test case design > test execution >result track. This blog gives a brief introduction on how to make this happen including both manual test activities and automation test activities. The precondition is: TFS is setup, and Visual Studio is installed. Here, we use TFS 2012 and Visual Studio 2012 for our example. For setting up TFS and Visual Studio, please see MSFT online.

API Testing Challenges

Nowadays, API testing forms an important part of testing a web application. This blog post explains what is API testing, how it supplements other software testing approaches, the challenges it brings and how to overcome them.

By |September 20th, 2017|API Testing|

Quality is Key at SofTec Asia Conference

At the beginning of August, Our CEO Philip Lew spoke at the Softec Asia 2017 conference in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia. With the theme "Testing As A Service," speakers tackled the topic with knowledge in all aspects of improving software quality. Here is a visual look at what some of the speakers focused on in their presentations.

Softec Asia 2017 theme Testing as a Service.

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