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Highly Effective Agile Testing Habit #3: Sustainability

In this post, we’ll cover Habit #3: Sustain an Improvement Frame of Mind. At XBOSoft, we use these 7 “habits” to guide our everyday work. They’re all important, but I think Habit #3 is all encompassing of the others.

Habit #3: Keeping pace is key to sustaining improvement practices.

Keeping pace is key to sustaining improvement practices.

The key word here is “maintain.” One of the key tenets of agile is sustainability. If you can’t sustain an effort with a constant pace, then you’ll soon fall behind and lose the race. And what better way to understand your pace than metrics?  

Cloud communications software provider Mitel benefits from testing expertise

Cloud communications software provider Mitel was experiencing various difficulties with new software releases due to lack of sufficient testers on staff. XBOSoft was hired to provide the needed manpower. Over time, XBOSoft's range of services has expanded, with ever greater satisfaction on the part of the customer.

Agile Testing Tips – Treating the User as Royalty

In this video, XBOSoft’s CEO, Phil Lew, explains a key agile testing tip, Habit #2 of 7, and summarizes points made in our blog post, as well as his recent keynote at TestIstanbul 2017.

In treating the user as royalty, you really need to focus on getting user stories right, prioritizing all your activities around the end user, and understanding the end user deeply in their […]

Testing Accounting Software – Account Reconciliation

XBOSoft Testing Accounting Software - Account ReconciliationThe complexity of account reconciliation software places special demands on the testers of account reconciliation software. The primary challenge: There are two types of accounts to be reconciled, each with its own unique characteristics.

How Cognitive Biases Affect Our Testing Work

Philipl Lew XBOSoft CEOIf we really want to increase our testing capabilities, then we should be analyzing our ways of thinking, and identifying the strengths and weaknesses in our thinking. We all have cognitive biases we’re not consciously aware of. Why do you find certain types of defects and not others? Why are your estimates always low, and therefore forcing you to work overtime? How do our biases take shape in the agile testing process? Is it different from what happens in more traditional processes?

June 4th to 9th, 2017
XBOSoft CEO Philip Lew to Make Three Software Testing Presentations at Better Software West in Las Vegas

XBOSoft CEO Philip Lew will be a triple threat presenter at Techwell's Better Software West. He will present a tutorial and an interactive speech on issues involved with mobile platform and product testing and will co-present a workshop on Agile Risk Management.

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