Upcoming QA webinars: Agile testing, challenges of mobile IoT era

Philip Lew, XBOSoft founder and CEO, will participate in two webinars on consecutive Mondays as March morphs into April. You will want to save the dates of March 27 and April 3 if you are interested in learning more about the challenges of Agile testing, as well as testing in the mobile IoT era.

Lew will be guest speaker for an hour-long webinar March 27 hosted by Coaching Agile Journeys. Lew will share his insights into Agile testing in the trenches. In this talk, he will cover agile testing issues such as test plans and cases. You will learn where testing fits into the Agile process, as well as how to implement integration into a team to contribute from the beginning.

Jon Hagar

The XBOSoft CEO will also share how to take the reins of your Agile efforts and ensure the long-term success you envision for your team. While walking through Agile principles, you will learn how they have been implemented, and how to craft your own version of Agile that best suits your needs. Register now for this solutions-driven discussion.

Lew will host an hour-long conversation April 3 on mobile IoT with Jon Hagar, author of “Software Test Attacks to Break Mobile and Embedded Devices.” He will talk with Hagar about specialized IoT hardware, creating and testing multiple user interfaces — the UX challenge, third-party software functionality, and security and privacy of IoT. Register now for this discussion. Register now for this conversation.




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