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The biggest time and money sink in software development? Testing.

Data shows that developers spend between 35 and 50 percent of their time testing, debugging, and validating code — which accounts for 50-75 percent of total project budgets and translates to more than $100 billion annually across the globe.

At XBOSoft, it’s our mission to provide expert software testing help that enables your team to craft high-quality, top-tier performance software. How do we do it? With a team of industry experts who seek out and hire best-in-the-business software testing experts who love what they do. Leveraging their expertise, we develop a testing plan tailor-made for your business needs and outcomes.

Bottom line: We’re an outsourced software testing company with the talent and tools needed to accelerate your software development process. We cover all types of software testing. Here’s how we provide software testing help.

Software Testing Services by XBOSoft

Starting From Scratch

Fundamentally, software testing services are intended to reduce application time-to-market while simultaneously reducing the number of potential code vulnerabilities and weak spots. This has two key advantages: (1) Decreased risk for your organization when software goes live and employees or consumers begin using it, and (2) less time spent fixing code after the fact to correct specific issues that could have been addressed during the development process.

  1. Decreased risk for your organization when software goes live and employees or consumers begin using it.
  2. Less time spent fixing code after the fact to correct specific issues that could have been addressed during the development process.

XBOSoft has developed a testing engagement framework that allows us to both incorporate the specific needs of your business and deliver actionable results. It all starts with a detailed discussion and analysis of your requirements, existing defects (if any), short and long term QA goals. This helps us develop a software test plan that describes what, how and why we’re testing. We address everything from test cases and test management, through test execution, and allows your team to sign off on our strategy. We then implement both objective result and reporting frameworks to ensure metrics are properly identified, measured and addressed.

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Outsourced Software Testing Service Advantage

Why opt for outsourced QA and managed testing services?

Expert assistance:

While it’s possible to conduct software QA in-house, this process is time-consuming and resource-intensive. Using a QA-managed testing services company such as XBOSoft reduces the strain on local IT teams and improves outcomes by leveraging the experience of software testing experts.

Detailed planning:

Planning is the cornerstone of any successful software testing solution. Our teams have years of experience designing and implementing plans across multiple markets and industries. This allows us to both reduce planning time and ensure your plan is designed with key business outcomes in mind.

Single-minded focus:

As noted above, we hire software testing experts who love what they do and are at the top of their game. From writing test cases and test execution, through test management. The result? You get a single-minded focus on your software testing and better outcomes.

Innovation opportunities:

When your IT teams spend all their time designing and implementing test plans or must shift resources away from new developments to fix old code, you’re losing valuable time that could be used to drive business innovation. Software testing outsourcing puts your teams back on track.

Measurable progress:

It’s not enough to simply test software. You need reliable test results to determine problem areas and define critical steps. XBOSoft has the expertise necessary to create achievable goals, measure current progress, and deliver regular progress reports.

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Our Software Testing Testing Approach

To help meet your software quality assurance goals, we offer multiple types of software testing services including:

Agile testing:

Does your code support agile methodology? Can you easily incorporate new, high-quality or high-performance demands? Our experience in both agile and scrum environments allow us to deliver a collaborative development process that helps empower long-term agile best practices.

Functional testing:

Does your software work as intended? Our software quality assurance program tests critical aspects of functional code such as regression, data verification, platform compatibility and user acceptance. We utilize best practices in developing test cases, test management, and test execution.

Test automation:

Manual testing takes you only so far — and is often the bane of over-worked IT teams looking to improve software performance. Deep expertise in test automation makes this a key area of focus for XBOSoft. We’ve found that when applied properly to development processes, automated testing using tools such as Selenium, Visual Studio or Test Complete, combined with API testing in the right context can greatly improve both test efficiency and efficacy.

Performance testing:

Without solid performance your software will be underutilized. We have the tools and training necessary to create effective performance testing scenarios — particularly with JMeter — and creating associated scripts to measure overall performance.

Security testing:

For many companies, security testing is only conducted after software goes live — or when a breach occurs. We’re a software QA and testing company that believes security is an integral part of all application testing from day one. We examine all applications for top threats such as SQL injection, XSS flaws and broken authentication along with any custom-defined security concerns brought forward by your team.

Usability testing:

It’s one thing to have software that works; it’s another to have applications that work elegantly and effortlessly from the perspective of users. That’s the goal of XBOSoft’s usability testing, to determine if your software is intuitive, provides clear feedback and is easy to use.

Localization testing:

Where you deploy software matters. Global companies must contend with language and cultural requirements when developing new software — here, half measures could result in applications that are never used or unintentionally offend local users. Our localization testing helps ensure that functionality, linguistics and user interfaces are consistent worldwide.

Better software test solutions, test cases, test execution, and test management mean better software, and less money spent fixing problems that could have been addressed during the development process. XBOSoft covers all types of software testing and is here to help with your outsourced software testing service needs.

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Put our team of experts to work for you!