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Software Testing Services

Our Experts Apply Software Testing Best Practices

You need software testing that assures your software has high quality and top-tier performance. At XBOSoft, we’ve created a team of industry experts by starting with a simple goal: Recruiting software testers who love what they do. We hire professionals with passion who quickly become experts specializing in different testing domains.

Leveraging this solid foundation, our software testing services start with a detailed discussion and analysis of your requirements and test strategy. Next, we develop a specific software test plan that contains clear direction and agreement on what to test, how to test it, your objectives and how results will be measured. Then our experts get to work on reducing risk and improving your software’s total quality.

Software Testing Tools and Solutions

We offer a variety of software testing services that provide a solid foundation for high quality software and optimal performance, including:

  • Agile TestingIs your QA & Testing team agile-ready? Is new code developed quickly and with high quality? Can you adjust on the fly to new demands and reliably support software through its entire lifecycle? Our QA expertise in agile and scrum environments is time tested. AT XBO, we work with clients from Fortune 500 to small ISV’s, integrating our QA & Testing services into a collaborative development process.
  • Functional TestingDoes your software work as intended? XBOSoft’s functional testing program ensures that your applications and products meet agreed-upon standards for regression, data verification, platform compatibility and user acceptance.
  • Test AutomationPurely manual regression testing is the bane of all QA teams. Introducing automated testing where appropriate may be the single most effective and efficient step in optimizing the QA process. At XBOSoft, automation is one of our company’s core areas of expertise. We work at all phases of test automation; from determining the most appropriate automation tools for a client’s software, designing test automation strategy and developing automation test architecture and design, to creating the associated scripts. We are skilled in all the standard automation tools such as Selenium, Visual Studio and Test Complete.
  • Performance TestingIt’s one thing to know that software works, it’s another to ensure that new or existing code performsin real-world scenarios. Through XBOSoft’s years of experience testing software performance in many different environments, we’ve developed the skill sets needed for effectively choosing the right performance testing scenarios and creating the associated scripts. We have particular expertise in JMeter, in what projects JMeter performs well and how to get the most value out of this testing tool.
  • Security TestingMalicious actors are looking for ways to sneak past application security or compromise software to gain access to your data and network. Surprisingly, security testing is NOT part of most companies QA process. At XBOSoft, we employ the 80:20 rule where we examine software for the top preventable and testable threats such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting, insecure direct object references, and broken authentication and session management to name a few.
  • Usability TestingThere’s a difference between software that works and applications that are The first is a description of basic competence: Software that does what it’s supposed to, even if it’s not so elegant. The second speaks to user interaction with software — is it intuitive? Easy to use? Does it provide clear feedback? Our usability experts can help you design and implement a plan to align code functionality with increasing user expectations.
  • Localization TestingGlobal companies need software that works anytime, anywhere — but translating applications into different languages and respecting cultural differences is no easy task. Our localization testing services ensure that functionality, linguistics and user interfaces all remain consistent across locations by identifying and addressing any potential defects or compatibility issues.

The bottom line is we’re here to help. Let XBOSoft’s experienced software testing team help you answer the questions: “Are we done testing?” or “Is it ready for release?” Make the most of your software investment by taking advantage of XBOSoft’s comprehensive software testing solutions and services. Contact us today.

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