Data Verification Testing

Software is a collection of computer programs and related data with many testing methods to check an application’s functionality, but testing data requires specific testing methods aligned with its usage and processing. For data verification testing, XBOSoft’s testing model is divided into three major components resembling the Extract, Transform and Load paradigm.

  • Extract (Data requests): Requesting data from a web service or extracting from a local database has many variables, including web service/database availability, data accuracy, etc., that all play an equal part in leading to a number of things that could go wrong.
  • Transform (Data calculation): Methods are performed on the raw data and then saved through stored procedures, triggers or other routines. Often times the data may have a time stamp or other environmental properties that need consideration among many other factors.
  • Load (Results): Results data is typically generated on demand or stored in partial form. Many applications provide report functions by using temporary data, combined and filtered at various aggregation levels. Not only must the temporary data be tested, but the reporting function needs to be tested as well.

With a thorough understanding of data and the process of how it is transformed into information and knowledge, XBOSoft’s ETL – data verification testing for data warehouses and business intelligence software ensures data accuracy from start to finish.

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