Software Compatibility Testing

Software never stops evolving — new features, security measures and best practices are constantly in development. But devices, browsers and platforms are also in a constant state of change, meaning you need a way to ensure your software provides the same functionality and user experience regardless of hardware, display, connection speed or operating system. Known as software compatibility testing, this is an integral step on the path from development to release — and remains critical even after your application goes live.

Cross Browser Compatibility Testing

Chrome. Firefox. Internet Explorer and Safari. Your software needs to work equally well across each, but browser compatibility goes deeper: Does your application perform similarly for users with different browser versions? What about those using different languages? While most apps are still designed to run in a Windows desktop environment, you can’t ignore other operating systems. What about Linux, Solaris or MAC OS? And with more business users and consumers now opting for mobile devices, it’s not enough to simply reskin desktop software as “mobile-friendly” — your applications need to work equally well on iOS, Androids and other mobile operating systems.

Platform Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing measures how well pages display on different software and hardware platforms, including different browser versions, different operating systems and different machines. For example, cross browser compatibility testing addresses different implementations of HTML by the various browser manufacturers, operating system support, and machine platform display and rendering characteristics resulting from different layout engines. Platform compatibility testing, meanwhile, addresses the difference between operating systems such as Windows, Linux and MAC OS to ensure consistent and reliable performance.
While it’s possible to implement cross browsing testing tools and address the need for cross platform support in-house, the time and expertise necessary can bog down even well-staffed IT departments. Consider the matrix below, which demonstrates how complex the cross platform compatibility testing can be:

The XBOSoft Advantage

At XBOSoft, we’re software testing experts — it’s what we do all day, every day. As a result, we’ve built a team of compatibility test experts — technology professionals who understand how to effectively assess your system against multiple platforms and browsers, and recommend actionable solutions to address software shortfalls. Key benefits include:

All testing labs are thoroughly equipped with a wide array of cross browser tools and platforms, including mobile, desktop and server.

The reliability of an expert third party to ensure compatibility with multiple browser testing, operating systems evaluation, database checks, application servers testing and hardware platforms assessment.

Next step? Contact XBOSoft today and discover how our compatibility testing services can empower both short-term software rollout and long-term application utility.