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User Acceptance Testing

Accept and release with confidence

User Acceptance Testing (UAT) is the final step before software is released to end users. XBOSoft’s acceptance testing, provided as an independent third party, ensures that the delivered system meets your business requirements and/or the requirements set forth in your contract with your software development vendor. Our user acceptance testing includes:

  • Test Strategy and Plan: We derive a strategy, plan, and guidelines for acceptance criteria from either your requirements specification or contract with your vendor to determine the types of testing and priorities with a keen eye for risk aversion.
  • Determine Acceptance Criteria and Tests: Based on pass/fail criteria guidelines, we develop test scenarios with entry/exit and pass/fail criteria. To “accept” or “not accept” is defined for each test and the system as a whole.
  • Develop and Execute: All test cases executed with expected versus actual results are documented against criteria and combined with defects and/or issues found.
  • Sign Off: Upon successful completion of the User Acceptance Testing and resolution of the issues, we provide a recommendation on the acceptance of the system.

Using our developed acceptance criteria with pass/fail definitions, XBOSoft’s User Acceptance Testing ensures quality for your end users from their point of view.

Next steps: To find out more how XBOSoft can help you ensure your data’s integrity and accuracy, contact us.

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