User Acceptance Testing

Accept and release with confidence

What’s the most important aspect of your software development lifecycle? While it’s critical to produce clean code, ensure promised functions are delivered and address cross-platform compatibility, acceptance by end users remains a key indicator of software success. If staff, executives and customers find your software cumbersome or complicated — or if they feel it doesn’t address specific business needs — you’re left with an expensive problem rather than a viable investment. The solution? Purpose-built user acceptance testing (UAT) to ensure delivery meets expectations.

User Acceptance Test Plan

With the number and type of end users rapidly expanding both across platforms and departments, many companies have turned to in-house user acceptance testing tools — since local users regularly leverage the application; why not incorporate their feedback?

Most companies, however, understandably have limited experience designing a user acceptance test plan, and local staff may not be equipped to provide actionable feedback. As a result, organizations often benefit from expert third-party assistance when it comes to designing a user acceptance testing checklist and implementing user acceptance testing best practices. By combining in-house expectations, any requirements from your software development vendor and a framework of common user interactions, companies get the dual benefit of rapid UAT and reliable, actionable results.

Improved UAT Process With XBOSoft

XBOSoft’s acceptance testing is provided as an independent third party to ensure that the delivered system meets your business requirements and/or the requirements set forth in your contract with your software development vendor. To deliver maximum value and results, our user acceptance testing process relies on a four-step methodology:

  • Test Strategy and Plan — XBOSoft’s experts derive a strategy, UAT test plan and guidelines for acceptance criteria using either your requirements specification or the existing contract with your vendor. This allows us to determine ideal testing types with a keen eye for risk aversion.
  • Determine Acceptance Criteria and Tests — Based on pass/fail criteria guidelines, we develop test scenarios with entry/exit and pass/fail criteria. To “accept” or “not accept” is defined for each test and the system as a whole, in turn producing UAT results that encompass both specific feature sets and the business value of the entire solution.
  • Develop and Execute — All test cases executed with expected versus actual results are documented against criteria and combined with defects and/or issues found.
  • Sign Off — Upon successful completion of the User Acceptance Testing and resolution of the issues, we provide a recommendation on the acceptance of the system.

By using our developed acceptance criteria and UAT testing methodology with pass/fail definitions, XBOSoft’s User Acceptance Testing ensures quality for your end users from their point of view.

What’s next? Contact us — discover how XBOSoft can empower your UAT testing program to deliver clear and actionable results.