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Performance testing is more important now than ever!

It may be hard to believe, but users of mobile and web apps can detect differences in response times of 250 milliseconds or less. Some studies show that 47% of web or mobile app users expect a page to load in less than 2 seconds. If the load takes more than 3 seconds, a significant percentage are GONE!

No one wants to put up with slow performance. Sluggishness often implies unreliability. Whether it be online purchasing, online test-taking, bill payment, or simply browsing for information, the “slower” the app, the less likely users are to keep using it. The internet puts real meaning to the old saying “easy come, easy go.” It is far quicker to lose users than to gain them.

Performance testing is critical.

Performance testing can no longer be done before going live to avoid such issues. It must be performed comprehensively and structured in a testing environment early in the development cycle. When done correctly, performance testing supplements standard functional testing to ensure a great user experience under complex, challenging, and dynamic conditions. The secret sauce to conducting performance testing determines what variables, parameters, and scenarios to test and, more importantly, what data to collect and analyze from the production environment.

Take advantage of XBOSoft’s proven expertise in Software Performance Testing Services and contact us today to find out how we can find your performance bottlenecks before your customers do.

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Do You Need Performance Testing?

Don’t Leave Your Software’s Success to Chance.

Performance tests are generally helpful for any software development project — whether it’s a brand-new software your start-up is developing or a software application spearheaded by a corporation boasting millions of consumers.

Companies with a High Volume of Users

If your software application requires an infrastructure built to sustain thousands of users at the same time, performance tests are key to ensuring your system can scale to meet demand.

Businesses with Mission-Critical Applications

Companies that rely on their applications for core operations or business processes need their applications to work reliably and accurately at all times. Performance tests can help identify bottlenecks, ensure scalability, test under realistic conditions, improve UX, and meet SLAs (service level agreements). 


Developers can use performance tests to identify performance issues early in the development cycle and to optimize code to improve the application’s performance.

Operations and IT Teams

Operations and IT teams can use performance testing to identify and resolve performance issues in production environments.

Organizations with Limited Resources

Companies with limited resources can optimize their spending by using targeted tests instead of comprehensive tests while still ensuring the quality and reliability of their applications.

Quality Assurance (QA) Engineers

QA Engineers can use performance testing to ensure that the application meets the desired performance requirements and to identify and report any performance issues that must be addressed.

Project Managers

Project managers can use performance testing to track progress and ensure the application meets the desired performance requirements and project timelines.

Business Stakeholders

Business stakeholders, such as product owners, can use performance tests to ensure that the application meets the desired performance requirements and to identify and prioritize any performance issues that must be addressed.

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