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Software Performance Testing Services

Software performance testing determines the performance attributes software, like scalability, resource usage, and reliability. Let XBOSoft support your performance testing processes utilizing our proven methodologies for load testing, stress testing, and performance benchmarking, to deliver consistent results you can rely on.

  • Compare two application versions to ascertain improvement
  • Measure software performance with conditions replicating actual use
  • Identify performance issues to optimize user experience
  • Determine application performance and scalability as a function of normal and peak load conditions
  • Benchmark third-party products to determine which integrate best with your software
  • Execute load, stress, CHO and spike testing to fully understand where your software’s performance suffers
  • Analyze performance results to improve your application using our performance testing results data-extraction methods

Take advantage of our proven expertise in JMeter and LoadRunner to design straight-forward load tests that deliver actionable results. Our experience in developing techniques to select and implement performance tests that can deliver clear feedback via JMeter Master/Slave configuration setups combined with configurations to deliver large, distributed loads will help you simulate what your users are doing. We also can employ various analytics to help you discover what and how your users are using your application in order to properly target your load tests.

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Learn more about how XBOSoft uses JMeter Testing in Performance Testing.

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