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Your company can’t escape software changes. But you can avoid surprise defects regression testing.

Structured and thorough testing leads to high-quality software. Why? Because as DevOps teams have seen repeatedly, introducing even minor changes into existing code can have serious — and unpredictable — downstream consequences. 

When new code is released, some testing must be carried out to ensure its functionality. Retesting old code that the product previously passed is equally important to confirm that any new changes do not introduce past defects or create new ones, which are called “regressions.” While regression testing appears to be a simple process, it can be pretty challenging due to limited time, personnel, and resources.

The secret to finding and addressing issues before they become problems lies in robust and effective functional regression testing techniques with the right strategy for testing existing functionality and new or changed functionality with a combination of manual regression testing and automated regression testing at the right time and place. The right time and place are integral to the strategy. Otherwise, you’d test everything all the time, everywhere, but obviously, who has the resources to do that?

At XBOSoft, it’s our goal to help shorten your regression software testing cycles through effective test processes and best practices.

XBOSoft provides comprehensive regression testing for projects of all complexity levels. Outsource your testing workload to our expert QA team and keep your developers focused on your business’s priorities.

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Software changes are vital to ensuring your products are functioning correctly. But each time a developer modifies your software, there’s a good chance issues will show up downstream.

Every company understands the nightmare overlooked product bugs and unexpected defects can become. Your developers must pause mission-critical projects and spend time identifying and fixing issues that could have been addressed quickly and efficiently with a regression test.

This fix-it-later approach is far more expensive than getting testing from the start. It also risks your reputation, as bugs can wreak havoc on the user experience.

But with an experienced team to perform regression testing, you can shorten your test cycles and deploy software changes swiftly. You also don’t have to worry about downstream consequences harming your applications and slowing your business down. 

XBOSoft is a leading-edge quality assurance and software testing company. Our team stays up-to-date on the latest best practices, enabling us to implement innovative and effective solutions. 

We also live and breathe testing, which means there’s no testing scenario on the planet we can’t handle. Our team is equipped with the best tools and expertise to complete fast, reliable tests and help you launch successful software updates quickly. 

Regression Testing: The Need for Quality Assurance

How Regression Tests Can Make (Or Break) Your Software

Regression testing is an essential element of software quality assurance. It provides the assurance and confidence that an application is ready for deployment. Most importantly, regression testing verifies that code changes do not re-introduce old defects, ensuring the quality of deployed software. Regression testing is critical to most QA processes, covering desktop, web, and mobile testing.

Many think regression testing happens only at the end and covers existing functionality. Still, regression testing is done throughout the software development lifecycle: from unit and integration testing to system and user acceptance testing. During unit and integration testing, regression testing can help catch defects early and thus significantly reduce the cost of resolving them.

Unfortunately, Regression Testing in Agile seems to never happen due to the objective of velocity and “working software.” Most often, “done” does not include regression testing but testing for that particular feature or function.

Unlock Your Developers’ Potential with Outsourced Regression Testing

Outsourcing can help you reduce costs, improve efficiency, and focus on your core business objectives while ensuring your software is thoroughly tested and defect-free.

  • Expertise: Leverage the experience of skilled testing professionals specializing in regression testing. We will thoroughly test your software and identify any potential issues arising from new changes, including bugs that might slip under your radar.
  • Cost savings: Save on expensive testing tools and training. With a reliable team of software testing experts, you don’t have to hire and train a dedicated testing team or invest in high-priced tools.
  • Security: Get peace of mind when you work with XBOSoft. We use industry-leading security strategies, including data encryption and multi-factor authentication. 
  • Focus on core competencies: Focus on your core competencies and business goals while leaving the regression testing to the QA experts.
  • Scalability: Scale your testing efforts up or down as needed without investing in additional resources or infrastructure.

Few companies have the internal resources necessary to complete regression testing successfully. Instead of over-burdening your developers and risking errors in the testing process, rely on the experts. We’ll put our tools, knowledge, and time to work for you.

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Regression Testing Example

It’s All About Developing a Strategy.

the regression pyramid
Designing a regression testing strategy is often overlooked. However, it is still an essential part of the QA process
if the goal is to reduce total testing time without sacrificing software quality. Meeting this goal means evaluating your current methodology: How are you testing? Are you designing your regression test cases
effectively? And how is your regression test selection efficient and context-driven? What are your results? Where can you improve?

As an application matures, it builds an inventory of regression test cases. Although test automation may be able to reduce the time and effort required for a regression cycle, it typically is impractical to automate the entire suite and execute every software change. But running only a portion of the entire test suite, such as unit-level regression tests, may not be sufficient to expose critical defects. An effective regression testing strategy, considering the available time and testing resources, should prioritize regression test cases of different types and methods to ensure that no critical regression tests are missed. This also entails an automation strategy to automate where it makes sense while applying your manual regression testing, which adds the most value.

There are many facets at play when working with regression tests. The Regression Testing Pyramids capture these elements and how they are connected.

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