Software Security Testing Services

Securing the network perimeter with firewalls and security appliances is no longer adequate as new security vulnerabilities arise everyday. Especially with web applications, companies need to identify security risks as soon as possible. XBOSoft’s software security testing services identify security issues using proven security testing strategies and specialized security test tools. Our security testing experts can provide a variety of software security testing services including:

  • Identify implementation errors that were not discovered during code reviews, unit tests, or security white box tests
  • Discover security issues resulting from boundary conditions not identified during the design and implementation phases
  • Uncover software security issues resulting from incorrect product builds (e.g. old or missing modules/files), or the interaction with the underlying environment (e.g. improper configuration files, unhardened OS and applications)
  • Verify that software security components and security-specific sub-systems are operating properly

XBOSoft’s software security testing combines manual penetration and dynamic security testing methods to find vulnerabilities quickly, and help you avoid real-world software security threats.

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