Software Testing Webinars

  • Test Automation Frameworks
    Dr. Yongyan Wang discusses how to set up an open source test automation framework.
  • How to Make Test Automation Work in Agile Development
    Mike Maheu from GO2group discusses setting up test automation using an agile development model.
  • Performance Testing and Test Automation Best Practices
    Donna McCollum from Blackline Systems and Philip Lew from XBOSoft discuss lessons learned and best practices on how to set up test automation and performance testing for cloud software that is delivered with a SaaS model.
  • Test Metrics – Best Practices
    Mike Lyles challenges a panel of experts including Rex Black and Jay Philips on the topic of metrics and measurement, exposing multiple viewpoints.
  • Best Way to Contract an Outsourced Agile Test Team XBOSoft & Clareice & Clyneice Chaney
    Clareice & Clyneice Chaney present expert advice on outsourcing agile testing and achieving more effective outsourced agile testing relationships.
  • Quality Process Assessment – How to Improve Software Quality Beyond Dev and Test
    Incorporate a broader view of software quality that includes all stages of the software’s life cycle.
  • Requirements Traceability in Agile Development and Testing
    Guest speaker Justin Leader covers how to set up an agile development process to track requirements using JIRA.
  • Medical Device Software Testing
    JeanAnn Harrison, a software tester and Jonathan Spurgin, a software developer, discuss their experience working at a medical device company to improve a heart monitor’s software.


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