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What’s your biggest IT security risk?

While network compromise and end-user issues remain top priorities, companies now face the added challenge of managing the security around multiple software development programs across a host of platforms. From legacy desktop software to in-house options, mobile applications and web apps — many of which use at least some open-source code — software is rapidly becoming the go-to choice for hackers hoping to find an easy way into your network.

The result? Security testing in software testing is now an essential layer of effective protection.

Software Security Testing Services Explained

Before implementing any software security testing services, it’s worth knowing the basic principles and intended outcomes. The ideal provider offers a combination of static and dynamic testing services designed to evaluate your software from both foundational and functional standpoints — does the software perform as designed? Are software operations or application calls opening potential avenues of risk?

Typically, software security testing is broken down into several broad categories:

  • Manual TestingUsing advanced penetration software testing techniques and scanning tools, our experts seek software vulnerabilities to identify potential weak points.
  • Dynamic TestingAutomated processes are used to quickly assess software risk and discover if your applications contain issues such as SQL injection or XSS flaws.
  • System Software TestingAlso worth testing: Your basic systems software, such as operating systems, database systems, and network applications.
  • Application TestingClient-side and server-side application testing are necessary to ensure that both admins and end-users are operating in a secure software environment.

Software Security Testing With XBOSoft

The rise of web and mobile applications means traditional firewalls and IT defenses are no longer sufficient. XBOSoft’s software security testing services identify security issues using proven security testing strategies and specialized security test tools. Our security testing experts can provide a variety of software security testing services including:

  • Identification of implementation errors that were not discovered during code reviews, unit tests or security white box tests.
  • Discovery of security issues resulting from boundary conditions not identified during the design and implementation phases.
  • Identification of software security issues resulting from incorrect product builds (e.g., old or missing modules/files), or the interaction with the underlying environment (e.g., improper configuration files, unhardened OS and applications).
  • Verification that software security components and security-specific subsystems are operating properly.

The XBOSoft Advantage

At XBOSoft, our software security testing services combine manual penetration and dynamic security testing methods to find vulnerabilities quickly, and more importantly, to assess their threat level and advise actionable steps to address, allowing our experienced team of software security experts to help you avoid real-world software security threats.

Ready to get started? Talk to our experts today about a security software test, and let us help design the ideal roadmap to improve your products’ defense.

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