What are the Main Issues and Difficulties Implementing Test Automation?

Automation tool selection: Not all tools are alike, and not all tools will work with your software. Depending on your software’s architecture and platform, not all tools are suited to work. Perhaps any tool could work, but some are easier than others, and it may not be possible to achieve all your objectives.

Unstable user interface: If the user interface changes frequently, developing scripts with a good architecture is difficult and the scripts are hard to maintain.

Custom controls: If programmers used custom controls in the application, for example, instead of standard windows controls (dropdown list, input box, etc.), it’s very difficult to automate testing because any tool used will have problems to recognizing the customized controls. Without recognition, invoking their functions and special functionalities will be difficult to test.

Environment and software configuration: If setting up the targeted objective test system needs manual intervention and configuration, this makes the product under test difficult to recover from error. This causes the automated test execution to need to be manually monitored which defeats part of the purpose of automation.

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