Test Preparation and Test Case Development

With a test strategy and test plan, and assessment of the current situation, XBOSoft works with clients to develop a test specification including the test infrastructure, test environment, user scenarios, and test cases. This includes specific test plans that allocate the proper techniques and test case development strategies based on the master test plan with user scenarios and test cases specifically designed per quality property and identified risks. For instance, in developing the test strategy and assessing risks, performance may have been identified as a high-risk element specific to certain hardware components or software functions. In this case, specific testcases, and associated user scenarios with pass/fail criteria are developed to address and reduce this risk.

XBOSoft works with clients to develop test cases in a systematic and hierarchical manner so that they can be organized, queried and used at the right time for acceptance, regression, or for specific functions or scenarios. Do you have enough test coverage? See how XBOSoft can help you reduce risk through proper test coverage and test case specification, contact us.