Web Application Testing

Web applications are no longer simple information-based websites. Their increasing size and complexity combined with Agile’s short development cycles and frequent changes in requirements present many quality assurance and web application testing issues.

Comprehensive Web Application Testing Services

Prob_SolInfographicAPI Testing: Often overlooked, but perhaps the most important type of testing as a broken or partially functional API can lead to errors out of the blue. With software becoming more componentized, we are left vulnerable behind the opacity of the interface. Testing the interface thoroughly backwards and forwards is a critical element in all test efforts.

Functionality Testing: Covers basic functionality, including links and forms, as well as complicated features such as database connections and third party component integration.

Usability Testing: Heuristic inspection-based testing that evaluates usability issues such as flow, efficiency, errors, success rate, content checking, and aspects of user help functions.

Compatibility Testing: Addresses browser compatibility, operating system compatibility, mobile compatibility, and printing options.

Performance Testing: Web load testing and web stress testing with benchmarking and application performance evaluation under various environment characterizations, including connection speeds, user loads, and user activities.

Security Testing: Testing for potential vulnerabilities as identified by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP), plus XBOSoft’s own list of top security threats.

Next Steps: Not confident about your application’s quality? Not enough time to test all platforms? Contact us today.

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