April 14,2020
XBO Quarterly Webinar – AI-Based Test Automation Without AI

How can you have AI-based test automation but no AI? You can find out in our quarterly webinar with special guest speaker, Jeremy Rößler. What good are 400 additional AI-generated UI tests, if we don’t want to maintain our existing human-created ones? This question lies at the heart of AI-based test generation. Recheck-web addresses this issue elegantly and without any “AI-magic” …

November 20, 2019
XBO Quarterly Webinar – The Pitfalls of QA Metrics and How to Overcome Them

As a tester you have been there, the dreaded go/no-go meeting. You know the product isn’t ready. You thought you were vocal enough. But they want to see the data. But what metrics answer the questions of are we ready to ship? Why is QA the bottleneck? And when will we be ready? Join us for this exciting webinar where the rubber meets the road -- > Metrics!

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Incorporating User Acceptance Testing into Agile – XBOSoft Webinar

Incorporating User Acceptance Testing into Agile

Listen in to this webinar with Philip Lew and Cheney Ma as they discuss the problems with User Acceptance Testing and how to implement in Agile when it appears there is no time as the sprints roll on. The trick is in your process and development of user stories combined with detailed yes/no acceptance criteria and tests. Also see how it's implemented in Jira with SynapseRT as Cheney gives a demonstration of complete traceability by associated epics with user stories, user stories with acceptance criteria and tests with defects. View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >

Challenges with Big Data – XBOSoft Webinar

Challenges with Big Data - How to Ignore Fake Data

This XBOSoft webinar, “Challenges with Big Data Versus Fake Data” discover how to use data in software QA and testing. Meet our guest speakers, Jennifer Bonine and Rick Faulise in this webinar.They discuss what data is good? How and where to use it? And what data do you need to throw away? What metrics should you be using and what metrics could lead you astray?View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >

Defect Patterns in Agile and Waterfall and What They Mean To You – XBOSoft Webinar

Defect Patterns Analysis for Agile and Waterfall

This XBOSoft webinar, “Defect Patterns Analysis for Agile and Waterfall” covers differences between Mobile platforms and Desktop platforms. Meet our guest speaker, Michael Mah in this webinar.Whether you're waterfall or agile, this presentation will uncover 3 keys to accelerating schedule by managing defect prevention, detection, and remediation by software teams. Actual Industry Case Studies will reveal how to implement an end-to-end defect strategy that maximizes the likelihood of team's success. Topics covered will include waterfall, Agile, pair programming, test-driven development, and outsourced projects. View this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >

Proactive Software Quality Assurance™ – XBOSoft Webinar

Proactive SQA™ Shifting Left w/Proactive Software Quality Practices

This XBOSoft webinar, “Proactive Software Quality Assurance™ - XBOSoft Webinar” covers differences between Mobile platforms and Desktop platforms. Meet our guest speaker, Robin Goldsmith in this webnair.He provides insights on how Proactive SQA™ can contribute to higher quality software via being proactive in your software quality and testing processes and shifting left by first understanding your definition of quality, goals and objectives and getting pasView this XBOSoft webinar to learn more >