Customer satisfaction and relationships rank as perhaps XBOSoft’s top internal priorities. As we cross the threshold of our 10-year anniversary of providing quality software testing services around the globe, we are reaching out to customers to ensure we continue to provide what they need, when they need it. While we like knowing what makes our customers happy, we also like knowing what could be improved.  

AKVAI guess you could say, it’s another testing platform – it’s how we get better!

We recently reached out to Eivind Brendryen, Product Manager Farming at AKVA group ASA, in Norway.  AKVA group is a leading technology and service partner to the aquaculture industry worldwide.  For over 30 years, AKVA has been serving as a profitable supplier of solutions and services in order to improve their customers’ profitability and sustainability, worldwide.

Here’s what Eivind had to say about working with XBOSoft.

Q: Can you give us background on your working relationship with XBOSoft and your testing/quality assurance needs at that time?  

A: In 2009, I was approached by XBOSoft and given a presentation on the company and the testing services they provide. After a short period of planning, XBOSoft began manual testing of our software and soon we were up and running. Fortunately, communication with XBOSoft and their processes is simple.  Our software is extensive and has a lot of functionality, so, together we have gradually been building our test suite.  Our work together has enabled us to reach a new level of confidence when releasing updates and new versions. Over the years we have increased the level of service from XBOSoft, which now includes automated testing.

Q: How would you describe the partnership between the two companies?

A: From the beginning, our partnership with XBOSoft has been uncomplicated and value-giving. Communication – one of our initial worries – has been straightforward. In all of our discussions, we have been able to communicate directly about solutions, not wasting time on sales pitches and not suffering from large gaps between test management and test resources. This is a contributing factor to why we have gained a lot of trust in XBOSoft over the years, and the services they provide.

Q: What added value have you realized from XBOSoft’s services?

A: Apart from the obvious value of working with them, a major value has been that we now release software with higher quality and we have reduced costs for testing.  We have also been able to make the developer role within AKVA more attractive, by implementing an effective and low-effort interface with XBOSoft to the test process. The test repositories that are continuously growing have become an asset allowing us to shorten our time to delivery.


Q: If you were to recommend XBOSoft to another company, what attributes would you emphasize?

A: I would emphasize the low level of effort needed in order to gain value. XBOSoft has been able to perform high-quality testing with very little effort from our side. I think most companies are afraid that introducing an external testing company will result in extra workload within their own organization, in particular when starting up. It was my main worry, but with little risk and low cost, we learned quickly that it was possible to start small and grow. When we started, we did not have much documentation except for (partially outdated) help files and guides.  XBOSoft was quickly able to fill in the gaps with little load on my team. The bugs found are real – not just cosmetic nuances.

Q: Would you say that XBOSoft’s services have contributed to your company’s growth and profitability?

A: XBOSoft’s services are one of many things that have definitively contributed to our growth. By offloading the developers in the testing process, we have freed resources, and by increasing product quality, we have reduced costs on support and product maintenance.