Apple Watch - Valuable or Not

Wearables Big Data and Privacy – What if my watch was hacked? Would I care? Depends on who I am!

With the latest generation of high tech wearables being smartwatches, some may be rejoicing in how much functionality they seem to be gaining. With my Apple Watch, I can do so many things! But wait — what data is being collected when I do all the cool things it’s capable of? Is wearables Big Data secure? What if the FBI wants it? Below are a few of the tasks an Apple Watch can perform and the data that’s collected. 


Smartwatch-Wearable Activities – Wearables Big Data Collected – Need for Privacy?
TaskData Used/CollectedNeed for Privacy (me)
Make/receive a phone callPhone numbers and time calledYes
Send/receive a text messagePhone numbers, time of message, and contentYes
Review calendarItinerary of all appointmentsYes
Chat (Skype and others)Contacts and chat contentYes
Track package from UPSDestination of package and senderYes
Receive invitation to connect on LinkedInLinkedIn account infoNo
Fitness goal achievedHow long I was standing, walking or exercisingNo
Track running/exercising/walkingGeo-locationYes
Look at heart rateHealth statisticsNo


The fact is that, for the convenience that our digital lives and gadgets give us, we pay the high price of privacy. Based on this cursory analysis, destroying your old mobile phone when you get a new one could be the best thing you can do. How important for you is the privacy of your data, whether as mobile or wearables Big Data?