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Our XBO ONETM software test automation framework delivers effective automation using a structured, common-sense approach that focuses on when and where to use automation while providing regression testing “insurance” to ensure that defects don’t creep back while you add features and functionality. Our test automation services use proven frameworks with several key benefits:

automated software testing

  • Save time Use test automation to cover all the platforms you need running scripts on multiple platforms simultaneously. On average, our clients are able to increase platform coverage by 55% in the same testing cycle.
  • Improve test coverage Create automated test scripts that cover more than you can do manually and that provide clear results so that you know where your software is vulnerable and where your defects are concentrated.
  • Increase ad-hoc and exploratory testing With resources freed up by automated testing, testers can do what they do best. Find more critical defects by using your skilled QA resources in the right place at the right time.
  • Reduce cost and maintenance Use our minimal-maintenance automated test infrastructure with centralized repository and test automation framework that takes advantage of reuse and modularity so that changes can be done once and propagated throughout. Our proven frameworks have saved our clients an average of 38% in automation re-work time and costs.

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Learn more about how XBOSoft uses Selenium Testing in Test Automation.

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