Mobile Application Testing Services

Mobile Application Testing

As iPhones and Android smartphones now dominate the market, Microsoft hasn’t given up with Windows 10 Mobile. Because you no longer need an app that just works, mobile app testing has come to demand highly specialized expertise. Ensure your mobile apps work properly through our wide offering of expert XBOSoft mobile application testing types.

Our Mobile Application Testing Services include:

  • Automated Testing: Software Test Automation, when applied in the right places to mobile can increase your efficiencies enabling you to focus your manual testing on new features and functions.
  • Functional Testing: Test cases strategically designed for mobile applications for reducing risk with the highest coverage.
  • Game Testing: QA services specifically for mobile games to identify crash, performance, hangs and gameplay issues before your gamers do.
  • Localization Testing: Test mobile apps via localization testing to ensure that your mobile app is ready to go global. Don’t wait to find out your app renders off the screen or your buttons and text are misplaced.
  • Performance Testing: Mobile performance testing services to identify bottlenecks and peak load limits in both the local device and servers.
  • Platform Compatibility Testing: Supporting multiple mobile platforms can be a headache. Access our mobile lab with hundred’s of devices and emulators. Discover compatibility issues before it’s too late.
  • Security Testing: Our security experts penetrate and identify your mobile app’s vulnerabilities before someone else does.
  • Usability Testing: Take advantage of XBOSoft’s mobile usability testing and mobile UX expertise to make sure your users don’t leave your app for another.

QA Application Testing for iOS, Android & More

Complete Mobile Testing Platform Coverage

  • Flash Lite
  • Java
  • HTML5

Avoid releasing an app or game that could put you in the news and ruin your reputation. Take advantage of XBOSoft’s mobile application testing services today.

Next Steps: For more information about our mobile phone application testing services, mobile app automated testing, and mobile application performance testing services, contact us.

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