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A Software Testing Company Dedicated to Software Quality Assurance

XBOSoft provides software quality consulting and testing services targeted at companies that are continually under pressure to shorten release cycles while increasing quality. Rather than just adding more resources, these companies need a game plan for long-term software quality assurance.

The Goal is to Improve Software Quality, Not Just Find Defects

At XBOSoft, our holistic approach to QA means more than finding software defects. Our view is that defects can be found throughout the product life cycle, from sales and marketing where customer expectations may be set too high, to customer service where complaints may be handled inappropriately. Our Total Quality Approach (TQA) encompasses the entire organization, and its processes in developing a software product from start to finish.

XBOSoft’s software quality consulting and software testing services apply thoughtful expertise and experience while fostering collaboration with an emphasis on measurement and improvement at every step. As a company solely dedicated to software quality, XBOSoft combines objectivity with specialized skills to improve your software quality and move your organization toward the industry’s best practices.