Software QA Consulting Services

Software QA Consulting Services

QA Process Solutions for Lifecycle Improvement

All software has flaws. Vulnerabilities. Weaknesses. Assuming any piece of code is perfect puts your company at risk — you need an effective, reliable way to discover and remediate software issues before they go live. Our software QA consulting services are designed to provide the actionable, immediate feedback you need to improve your software quality. From incorporating current best practices into established QA processes, or migrating from ad hoc testing to a structured QA program, our collaborative consulting approach ensures better software performance.

Software QA Services: Our Methodology

Software quality consulting often focuses on finding defects. While essential in the software quality life cycle, tunnel vision on defects alone can lead to problems discovered after an app goes live, rather than finding the source and fixing it earlier. XBOSoft’s software quality consulting and process improvement services are oriented toward finding defects early in the development AND product lifecycle. Our services include:

Quality Process Assessment (QPA) — Examine root causes of quality problems, and get solutions for both immediate and long-term improvement in software product quality.

Test Process Improvement (TPI) — For an organization that wants an optimized and repeatable testing process, XBOSoft’s TPI examines where you are today, and provides a roadmap and implementation plan for improving testing methodologies and processes.

Test Automation Assessment — To expand platform coverage and shorten regression cycle time, XBOSoft can help you get started with test automation. From choosing a tool that matches your product to developing a flexible script architecture, the Test Automation Assessment can jump-start your automation effort.

Software QA Coaching and Mentoring — If you have a gap in knowledge or need a second opinion and want an expert who has already faced this problem before, XBOSoft can assist you from high-level test strategies to test case design.

The XBOSoft Approach to Software QA Consulting:

Our software quality assurance consulting foundation is simple: You can’t improve what you don’t understand. That’s why we’ve developed a three-step process that both increases software efficacy while reducing total risk.

Step 1: Understand Your Risk — We work with your team to determine likely risk factors, such as weaknesses due to open-source code, potential XSS compromises or problematic app design.

Step 2: Evaluate Your Resources — What needs to happen? What resources are available to achieve this aim? What are your timelines? Our experts help quantify objectives and develop a resource matrix that both addresses software deficiencies and keeps you on budget.

Step 3: Improve Your Results — During the final stage of quality assurance consulting, we develop a plan based on current status and objectives, determine your ideal resource allocation, and develop a roadmap to track measurements and deliver continuous improvement.

Next Steps

We’ve helped organizations from start-ups to large enterprises launch high-quality software. Whether you want to discuss developing an overall QA strategy, test automation, mobile app testing or something else, we’ve got experts on hand to help you. If you are in the market for a software qa consultant, contact us today, and a member of our technical team will reach out to you for a free, non-sales discussion.