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Independent Testing Services


Is your software working as intended? Does it meet security and performance specifications while simultaneously addressing user needs? To ensure any piece of software — designed in-house or by a third party — achieves both goals, it’s critical to implement both software validation testing and software verification testing.

At XBOSoft, we’ve developed a reputation as verification and validation specialists. Our experts leverage a custom-built independent testing methodology to provide actionable recommendations and enhance the overall quality of any software deployment.

Validation vs. Verification

While similar, there’s a critical difference between verification and validation. Think of it like this:

Verification is testing to ensure you’ve built the software correctly — that code is well designed, lacks critical vulnerabilities and performs as expected.

Validation is testing to ensure you’ve built the right software for the user, one that matches their expectations and aligns with business needs.

The combination verification and validation in software testing is critical, since without one you have only half of a viable product. Consider this: Well-built software that doesn’t meet customer needs will require time-consuming redesign. Software that addresses end-user requirements but is riddled with errors, performance bottlenecks and security weaknesses will require the same, and could put sensitive data at risk.

Choose XBOSoft As Your Independent Software Testing Company

At XBOSoft, it’s our mission to design both software verification and software validation plans that ensure the entire value of your solution. To achieve this, we implement both objective and subjective testing methods: Objective models are used to verify the stability and performance of your software code, while subjective efforts are required to assess the ability of your software to meet consumer needs and provide business value. By addressing both ends of the software testing spectrum, we’re able to both increase your overall quality and decrease the chance of time-consuming software redesign.

Whether you’re developing a software product in-house or you’re outsourcing to another company, XBOSoft’s independent testing services serve as a reliable and unbiased third party to ensure a high-quality product. XBOSoft independent verification and validation (IV&V) will:

  • Ensure that the product meets the user’s needs by implementing a thorough user profile review
  • Review specifications to ascertain that the right product was built and will satisfy its intended use
  • Evaluate your software against software specifications, requirements and your acceptance criteria
  • Work with you to develop new criteria that both match your requirements and are reasonable to the developer and other stakeholders

By offering an independent point of view combined with top-tier verification and validation services, we can both increase overall product quality and ensure that your software meets both technical specifications and user needs before going live.

Want higher-quality software that delivers business value? Partner with a leading independent software testing company. Contact us today to enhance your verification and validation testing.

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