Independent Software Testing

Does your software quality inspire confidence?

When it absolutely, positively must be right, XBOSoft provides third party software testing services that you need to deliver flawless software.

XBOSoft’s QA services can supplement or augment your existing team in both specialized skills and manpower. Most importantly, we often serve as the last line of QA defense so that your end-users don’t have to complain as they find and report defects to your customer support center.

John Smith, former VP at Computer Associates (CA) and Nimsoft, recently joined the Board of Advisors at XBOSoft. In the video below, he discusses his experience in using XBOSoft’s Independent software testing services while at CA/Nimsoft and the value his team received.

Learn more about XBOSoft long-term relationship with CA/Nimsoft from our Case Studies.

The Importance of Validation and Verification

Is your software working as intended? Does it meet security and performance requirements while simultaneously addressing user needs? To ensure that your software — designed in-house or by a third party — achieves both goals, it’s critical to ensure that your software does what users want and does it well.

At XBOSoft, we’ve developed a reputation as validation and verification specialists. Utilizing our in-house independent testing methodology built out over the last ten years, our experts provide actionable recommendations and enhance the overall quality of our client’s software.

It’s helpful to understand the difference between validation and verification. Simply put:

  • Validation is testing to ensure you’ve built the right software for the user, one that matches their expectations and satisfies their business needs.
  • Verification is testing to ensure you’ve built the software correctly — that code is well designed, lacks critical vulnerabilities, behaves and performs as expected.

The combination of validation and verification in the quality assurance process is important, since without one you may be releasing a product that isn’t quite ready for prime-time. Consider this: Well-built software that doesn’t meet customer needs will require time-consuming redesign. Software that addresses end-user requirements but is riddled with code inefficiencies, defects, performance bottlenecks and security weaknesses will require the same.

The Value of Independent Testing Services

Public companies need to hire 3rd party accountants to validate and verify their “corporate books”. They do this because the stakes are high for the executive team since they must sign off that the accounts are accurate at the risk of jail time if they are not. The stakes are similarly high for software vendors in the healthcare or finance industry where a defect can have life or death consequences or result in the losses of millions of dollars.

XBOSoft’s longtime client, BlackLine, has grown from 20 employees to over 500 in the last 10 years. We’ve been with them every step of the way. Spend a few minutes with BlackLine’s VP, Software Architecture, Charlie Gaulke, as she discusses the working relationship and benefits to BlackLine in helping them to be successful with our third-party software testing services.

Not only does it help to have a 3rd and 4th pair of eyes on your software, but an independent view that sees features and functions differently from an end user perspective can be invaluable. XBOSoft’s professional software testing methodologies and a passion for software testing is a proven formula for success as many of our clients utilize us to give the final ‘go’ for their release decisions. Using our third party testing services allows you to release your software with confidence!

Choose XBOSoft as Your Independent Software Testing Company

Whether you’re developing a software product in-house or you’re outsourcing development to another company, XBOSoft’s independent testing services serve as a reliable and unbiased partner to ensure the best quality product is released. As a leading independent software testing company, XBOSoft’s independent validation and verification (IV&V) will:

  • Ensure that the product meets the user’s needs by implementing a thorough user profile review combined with a detailed analysis of all user stories to examine missing or ambiguous holes of functionality.
  • Evaluate your software against software specifications, requirements and your acceptance criteria. And work with you to fill any missing or ambiguous gaps.

By offering an independent point of view combined with top-tier verification and validation services, we can both increase overall product quality and ensure that your software meets both technical specifications and user needs before going live. Inspire confidence that your software can get the job done, get it done right, satisfy your users and keep them coming back with XBOSoft’s third-party testing services.

What our clients have to say…

“They automated the web application testing by almost 95% within three months.”

- Lead QA, Whil

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“They’re technically skilled and great at software development.”

- Director of PMO, MatrixCare

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“They're very proactive and always follow through on tasks.”

- President, REAL Software Systems

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"XBOSoft is able to see things from a different perspective and ask smart questions."

- CEO, Mobile MedSoft

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"Their work is very good and their attention to detail is excellent."

- Director of Engineering, Sago Mini

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"Our employees are always either requesting to work with
them or requesting to have more of their resources."

- Software Engineer, BlackLine

XBOSoft BlackLine case study

"XBOSoft has some of the most detailed and careful
test execution and reporting I’ve ever seen."

- DevOps Director, Bongo

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"They work hard and make the customer happy."

- Agile Coach, AKVA group Software AS

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“A CEO who’ll make an effort to visit you once a year to make sure you are happy with their
services is at the top of my personal list [of recommendations.]”

- Peter Menhart, Senior Lead Software Developer, Mitel

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“The key to any software application is to have the interface offer the flexibility that will drive
fast and accurate results. XBOSoft enables us to achieve these broad-based goals.”

- Project Manager, Adra Match