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XBOSoft’s functional testing services give you piece of mind that your software doesn’t just work, but operates according to what your users want and expect. Using our best practices functional testing framework, we thoroughly cover all crucial areas of functionality, from UI to platform compatibility.

User interface (UI) testing is critical because features are useless if users can’t figure them out. UI testing for web applications is especially critical where poor usability can lead to user dissatisfaction – even when there are no defects.

Functionality testing transforms requirements into test cases by utilizing best practice test case design, which includes the APIs, databases, install/config, upgrade, and networking features.

Data verification testing ensures that data integrity, calculations, and formulas are consistent throughout the application.

Regression testing uses a strategy customized to your software’s functionality, release schedule, and risk profile to give you “insurance” that nothing is broken.

Platform compatibility testing uses a matrix approach across multiple platforms after determining user profiles.

Structured Test Methodology

  1. Test Strategy, Planning and Control: Systematically evaluate risk and priorities to ensure effort is put in the right places. Develop a test plan for what should be tested, when, and with what resources.
  2. Test Preparation and Specification: Specify the infrastructure and test cases/use cases developed according to the test plan designed for each identified risk.
  3. Test Evaluation and Improvement: Develop key test process indicators to evaluate, benchmark, and improve.

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