6 powerful questionsIf you want to test your software but do not know where to start, the following six key questions will help guide you. Some of these questions might sound simple, but many businesses fail to address them. So, we advise that you consider these points carefully when you embark on your software testing journey.

Before we delve into these questions, let’s review the key benefits of testing your software.

Advantages of Testing your software

•  Enhance Software Quality

Testing your software not only allows your business to find out if any defects or bugs are plaguing its performance but also helps focus your overall team efforts in doing what they are experts at. Unfortunately, one of the critical mistakes many organizations make is to allocate non-QA people to QA and software testing tasks. Which ultimately leads to a lack of focus that can impact the overall quality of your software.

•  Increase customer confidence and loyalty

Another advantage to testing your software is greater customer satisfaction and support. A well-performing software generates many positive reviews and ensures product loyalty.

•  Improve Security

In this age where customers provide lots of private information to businesses, companies can not afford to risk their reputation by having their customer’s data available to malevolent people. Therefore, software testing helps fix this issue by providing a robust security system to your software.

Why do you want to test your software?

Many businesses who contact us know “something” is not working correctly with their software, but they find it hard to articulate the critical problem. In our view, this is entirely normal, and that’s why we are here. So, one of the most common questions we ask our clients is, “What are your pain points?”. Indeed, this question helps clients focus on what they are trying to achieve and why.

A pain point might be that many defects are going out to the field. Another could be that you are conducting tests on your own and feel like it’s taking too much time. Or you don’t have the in-house skills to test your software and randomly use your business analysts and people in your office to help you out. Your project managers might even be the ones doing testing. Hence the second question:

Who will test your software?

7 traits of a great software testing partnerDo these people you are thinking about have the time and the skills? Can they pass the test of the 7 Key Criteria of an ideal software testing partner that we identified in our previous post? In  that post, we addressed what you should look for in a perfect partner and the questions you should ask them. One criterion, for example, is to look at their skill sets and business model and then decide whether their profile matches what you are looking for.

What needs to be tested?

This question tries to zoom in on what is essential for your business. One exercise you and your team members can do is to answer the following “If we could only test one function or one feature, what would it be? What is the most important?”. There is always a time crunch where you can’t seem to have enough time to test your software. Therefore, whether you decide to test your software on your own or do it with a partner’s help, you will need to prioritize. For example, you might have a release coming in 2 weeks and have to decide on the top priority.

When does it need to be done?

There are always deadlines to be respected, such as release going out by the quarter or two weeks iterations or sprints. This information gives you the cadence of the type of testing and when things need to be tested.

Where will the testing take place?

This question relates to the different types of testing environments, devices, and platforms you have and whether you decide to use your in-house testing labs, a testing platform provider, or a services provider. For example, you may have an IP issue, and your data and software must stay on your local server. Or maybe you can populate data that are not real data so you can put it in a testing environment where others can help you test.

How will the testing be done?

To decide how you will test your software, you should explore the following types of questions:

If you want to know where to start with your software testing endeavours, these questions should put you in the right direction. It would also help if you considered contacting a QA and software testing expert such as XBOSoft. Such expertise enables you to gain time and save money.

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6 Powerful Questions Before You Test Your Software

By Jimmy Florent
January 9, 2022