healthcare software testing

Healthcare Software Testing

High costs of research and development combined with changing regulations and competition demand that the healthcare industry focuses on quality. This, in turn, dictates the need for rigorous healthcare application software testing. Especially when it comes to new healthcare imperatives involving patient driven and patient centered care, having the latest software means nothing if the it doesn’t work or behave in such a way that makes it easy to use for both doctors, nurses, assistants and everyone in between. Quality impacts not only what your brand represents, but in some instances life and death. As such, the healthcare industry strives to develop software solutions and services to support and optimize their business processes:

  • Increased efficiency and productivity through implementation of healthcare systems that make the lives of patients easier
  • Accuracy and security of information combined with ever stringent HIPPA requirements
  • Quality through accurate implementation of business rules requiring ZERO tolerance for error
  • Improved patient relationships through business knowledge and enhanced patient experience

Software Testing and Quality Assurance for Healthcare

XBOSoft’s healthcare software testing services and quality assurance consulting are based on years of experience working with our clients to understand and improve the quality of their life-critical products, including Software as a Service (SaaS) products and electronic health records (EHR) and electronic medical records (EMR) systems. Over the last ten years, we’ve been serving healthcare software clients and have gained the expertise to provide comprehensive, secure healthcare software testing that adheres to regulations. Our software testing services enable you to focus on your business while we worry about test coverage, cross-platform, multi-device, and multi-browser compatibility.

For healthcare software testing with zero tolerance for error and a total focus on quality, contact us

Defining Quality for Today's SaaS Web Applications

This White Paper defines how to measure quality for today's SaaS based Web Applications.
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