The healthcare software development community faces formidable quality standards. Demand has heightened for faster releases of cutting-edge software to help manage the onslaught of healthcare data being generated by evolving platforms and devices. That data must be available in real time, but it must also be kept secure. Much of it must be shareable — but only with the intended parties. And it must meet the voluminous regulations that are a hallmark of the healthcare sector.

Forming a long-term partnership

Five years ago, Mobile MedSoft turned to XBOSoft to manage its healthcare software quality control. Since the partnership formed, the two companies have developed a deep and highly effective relationship that, says Mobile MedSoft President and CEO Duke Yetter, has resulted in better end products for the company’s long-term care pharmacy customers. (Read a case study on XBOSoft’s work with Mobile MedSoft.)

HiMSS steve booth

XBOSoft VP Stephen Gorhes runs the booth at HiMSS17 in Florida.

Mobile MedSoft develops healthcare software and enterprise solutions for pharmacies and long-term care providers of all types. It has depended on XBOSoft’s services to grow its businesses and elevate the quality of its products.


Evolving over Time

As the partnership has continued over time, XBOSoft’s engineers and testers have gained true insight into the unique quality assurance challenges faced by those in the healthcare software field. Trends — such as the shift toward agile development practices — have challenged many in healthcare software development. XBOSoft’s agile testing expertise has given Mobile MedSoft an advantage in spotting and correcting defects during the agile process.

“Since we began working with XBOSoft as our quality assurance partner five years ago, our entire process of developing and release new software has become much smoother and more efficient,” Yetter says.

“It’s resulted in a much better experience for our customers — they’re getting high quality products that perform as expected.”

Yetter said key factors in the success of the partnership between the companies are the depth of industry knowledge on the part of the XBOSoft team, the close relationship between testers and developers, the attention to detail of XBOSoft’s team, and higher level quality consulting offered by XBOSoft.

An attendee of #devweek17 talks #QA with the XBOSoft team.

Answering your testing questions and finding better solutions.

“The help that XBOSoft has given us is immense. It’s far more than just testing our software,” Yetter says. “XBOSoft offers overall quality assurance consulting and advice on best practices. They point us in the right direction.”

Just as XBOSoft has gone the extra mile to get to know Mobile MedSoft’s business, Yetter has insisted that his team do the same. “I’ve been to China with our top people to meet in person the engineers that are working for us,” he says. “It’s an impressive group.”

XBOSoft’s CEO and founder, Philip Lew, and Yetter have attended healthcare IT trade shows together to further educate themselves on the most current trends and challenges in the industry. Lew is attending the industry’s largest trade show, HiMSS17, in Tampa, FL this week. He’ll be available at the XBOSoft booth (5471) to discuss the latest QA pain points and solutions. For more info, email Lew at