Pitfalls Of QA Metrics and How to Overcome them with Kevin Pyles

As a tester, you have been there, the dreaded go/no-go meeting. You know the product isn’t ready. You thought you were vocal enough. But they want to see the data. But what metrics answer the questions of are we ready to ship? Why is QA the bottleneck? And when will we be ready?

In this webinar, XBOSoft’s special guest, Kevin Pyles, Director of QA for Domo, will share the pitfalls of metrics used in testing and how with some best practices these metrics can be turned into an asset and better status updates for your teams. He will also share how to connect, visualize and share your data using what just may be the most powerful test reporting tool: Domo. He will help you demonstrate who is the real bottleneck and how to start conversations around releases before the dreaded go/no-go meeting.