Join our CEO, Philip Lew, as he discusses how to tackle continuous testing with Deepak Parmar from QMetry, in this conversational fireside chat webinar.

We’ve been bitten by the ‘continuous culture’ bug in all aspects of life. From continuous deployment to continuous testing, the continuity concept permeates our daily lives in the sense that activities and the deliverables or results from these activities have smaller and shorter lifecycles.

In the media, we all now consume and share sound-bites rather than news. It’s also happening in accounting where it now takes a day or two to close the quarterly books due to the ‘continuous close’ process. For software development, with shorter lifecycles, the utopian state is that there is no beginning and no end. Hence there are no yearly releases, but daily releases (or even shorter) that continue forever.

But how did we get here? It all started with Agile whereby faster feedback from users via working software that wasn’t complete yet, could produce quicker feedback and thus turnaround for the next version. Implemented via Scrum, this meant 2-week development cycles. What followed was pressure on releasing the software every two weeks. Why not? We’ve got a new version so get it out to the users. But to do that, we need to test it! But we couldn’t test using the waterfall paradigm nor could we release using the traditional model of an official release of Version 2.1; just not enough time. Many companies adapted their terminology to remain in continuous beta, thereby acknowledging that there may be shortfalls and defects in the software. Users Beware.

If you’re big enough or have a monopoly market share, you can do that, especially if your applications are not mission-critical. However for small to medium size companies vying for market share, quality is a critical differentiator.  If you don’t want to be caught in the trap of releasing faster yet lower quality software, you’ve got to master DevOps and that means continuous testing. In the new reality of WFH, shrinking time-to-market cycles has to be done without the face to face tenets prescribed in most Agile circles. Thus we’ve had to adapt our adaptations to Agile even further.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how software development paradigms have shifted post-COVID and how continuous testing is the key differentiator that will enable teams to deliver Quality at Speed. In this fireside chat-style webinar, we’ll discuss:

  • Implementing best practices to ensure Continuous Testing
  • Optimizing Test Automation and integrations with CI/CD tools and repositories
  • Creating continuous feedback loops to shift left and mitigate critical defects
  • Synchronizing CI/CD pipeline to standardize and automate effectively
  • Provisioning of test environments in the remote-first era
  • Enhancing test orchestration to ensure optimum code coverage and shorter sprints
  • Reporting and managing results from multiple executions and teams

If you want to learn how to move towards continuous deployment and testing to ensure continuity and speed while balancing risk, register today.