All test automation tools are not alike and all software applications are not alike. So, knowing how to choose a test automation tool for your software is a marriage and just like marriages between men and women, each has its reasons for getting married. The automation test tool must have the capabilities that match the software under test and the software under test must have clear objectives for using test automation. If you are software and choosing a mate for software test automation, here are some of the things you should consider:

  • Reporting and scheduling capabilities
  • Integration with other tools such as test case and test planning tools
  • Supports functionally rich applications and test scenarios
  • Supports flexible parameterization and architecture
  • User-friendly definition and execution of tests
  • Support for various applications specific to platforms installed
  • Supports user control of test execution

Whether you are considering QuickTest Professional, SilkTest, Selenium, TestComplete, or any of the many others, you need to consider which one of these criteria is important to you before choosing. This will depend on your software, your capabilities, and what your test automation goals are.

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